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Probably stick of truth, Betrayer and Battleblock theater (probably some others I'm forgetting). Really want to get Dark Souls 2 though.

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Is this going to be Subscription base, or is it going to be like GW2 in that you buy it once and don't have to pay any more.

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Looks good, couple of issues with it although it is beta, might sign up for it later.

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RIP Ryan.

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It looks alright i guess, not enough to warrant a Xbone purchase.

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TBH I might just stick with PC for next Gen, might get a PS4 if its reasonably priced.

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TBH i just can't see a reason to buy this system. None of Microsoft's exclusives seem interesting at all to me and i already have a decent gaming PC that can play games that are coming out pretty well and the the TV thing isn't interesting to me at all. So i just can't see what i would use it for.

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Just got this in the Indie royale bundle with a bunch of other games. Went online to play it and couldn't find anyone. Why though?

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Damn this sucks, I really liked Darksiders. Hope those effected land on there feet soon.

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I really hope someone saves Vigil. They're a a talented developer and I'd at least like to see one more Darksiders game from them.

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