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I entered a couple of days ago. Very excited to hopefully try this game free since the QL really hit some MGS VR pleasure centres in the old noggin whilst watching :D

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I am actually in NYC as well. The issues seem to only be related to new videos (ie: The new Fallout:New Vegas DLC QL) but not to the older content (ie: Not Like This Endurance Run). I am on the highest tier of RoadRunner NYC Cable and no matter what time of day I check the new vids, always unbearably slow progress :( And like MPerlo9, I still get great download speeds from Steam and other sites. It only seems to be GB, grrr... 

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Would love that copy, mate! :D 

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Actually, nintendoeats! I thought of that immediately after I posted this... apparently the TNT from last week will take about a week, so says the Download Manager in Chrome, and additionally the fastest HD Quicklook will be done in 5 hours, blarghers. So maybe its a much larger issue than just the Video Player. All these issues only started after the site redesign. SO I guess I am just gonna leave them downloading so I can get back to them whenever they are done :(  Till then I will watch the P4 Endurance Run episodes I have Downloaded :D
BTW thanks, JasonR86, that was from after my whirlwind Backpacking tour through Europe haha.  
Oh the_hiro_abides, I am doing both but seems to be a smidge better with Progressive. As in it will show me the Giantbomb splash screen in 15 seconds before going to the loading screen, compared to waiting for 30 seconds on Streaming for the Giant Bomb splash screen appears. And as far as downloading goes, All the videos I have downloading are insanely slow. I believe only 50 mb have been downloaded in about 15 mins. Ridiculously slow considering I have the highest grade consumer Cable internet setup and always had blazing speeds on GB prior to the redesign release :(

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Hey guys, 
So I have tried most of the solutions I have found concerning the Video Player  progressing at a SNAIL'S PACE. But nothing has worked. DOwnloaded all the other browsers I never use so I can try those "fixes" and nothing works. Allowing Google Ads... Turning off Ad Blockers... Block Content exceptions... All the same god-damned result, so even though I love the site and usually check it for lunch everyday I am probably gonna take a break from it till after the long weekend because it is so frustrating to leave a video spooling up in the morning and by the time I get back to it at lunch the progression is only about 55% What the flippin' Fuck!? Oh well, maybe by the time I come back a rigid solution can be posted. :(

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This sounds like a great move, Jeff. Honestly, I only started listening/following the site after a buddy of mine at KAOS Studios told me about your firing from Gamespot for being honest about a review score. That was when it hit me that I really wanted to know more about you since I had seen first-hand the siren's call of expo shows and press events warping the "News" reported by many sites/mags into Marketing-approved slop. So, if you tell me this new hire will only strengthen the News supplied by GB, then I am fully on-board. 

As for the delivery of such news. I must disagree with the video idea. The truth being that I dislike the whole idea of a person standing uncomfortably in front of a green screen and reading off a monitor like some vapid news anchor (see: Comicvine's Weekly News Round-up).  I am much more inclined to see a small podcast or audio portion to be updated bi-weekly that can be accessed on the Home page or via a small News button on the Main GB Toolbar. Hopefully it could contain the latest and most important news from Developer leaks, to studio closings and new game announcements. Just the facts, ma'am. Then the regular shenanigans and subjective ideas could be left for the Bombcast.
That being said, I trust you to make the best decision and can't wait to see the result.
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Meh, in my case its very true. But I like it when people call me nice cause I also have an incredible amount of sex appeal. So meh! :D 

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Its a tough nomination for Alan Wake or Heavy Rain. I am a big fan of Games taking a turn for cinematic storytelling, but these two just hyped themselves to fever-frenzy and delivered nothing close to their promise.
More disappointed in Heavy Rain, actually.

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I must say that I was so excited for Alan Wake leading up to its release. But when I finally got it, something about the repetitive nature of combat really got me bummed to continue playing the game to its end. Its a typical Play the game just to see the cutscene/story progression. But I just couldnt take it anymore; I got to the final episode within the first month and just didnt care anymore. In earnest, I feel regret about buying Alan Wake :(
But! Red Dead Redemption is truly a fun experience to play and the story is truly fun and takes some really fun turns, that are unexpected, at least for someone like me who never watches Western Films. Just something different that really gripped me.
Obviously, imo RDR far outweighs Alan Wake in Purchase Priority.

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Cause I like being naked :"D

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