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I'm pretty sure Bill Cosby could bring in billions. I don't get it either. I guess the character must resonate with the masses in ways which I can't comprehend.

The oi polloi, amirite?

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I might be persuaded to buy a remastered version of CoD4 for, say, 10-15 bucks. Don't care about the other two.

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Now I'm eternally bummed we can't experience the surely magical interactions between Ryan and Dan. :(

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What do you duders make of these rumors that Vettel and Alonso would switch teams next year? I think that it's pretty clear that both are disappointed with their current results at their respective teams, but I'm not sure what they would gain from a switch like this. Although it would be sweet to finally see Räikkönen and Vettel racing in the same team.

They both are under contract for another year. After that all bets are off. McLaren is trying to woo them pretty hard I hear which, as awesome for the fans as it would be, would be completely unsustainable to have those two egos together. I'd love to see McLaren/Honda make a huge comeback though, with either of them and a younger teammate.

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I approve everything about this.

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I'd love nothing more than to play as a young Kazuma doing dirt and earning the 'dragon of dojima' nickname. Alas...

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I generally only play about 3-5 games per year so my bullshit radar is usually on point. I had a feeling this game would be one to watch and I'm glad it didn't disappoint.

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Sounds like Brad has been playing it when he hasn't been abusively grinding through Destiny. 3 stars? Any takers on 3 stars?

I'll call your 3 stars and raise you to 4 stars!

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I found Gies' review difficult to credit. He talks about a lack of progression in terms of difficulty and skills, but isn't progression in Horizon all about cars?

I haven't read his review but progression in a racing game should also be about more technical (challenging) courses and more powerful/difficult to master cars. The latter you can control through the assists but I can see the lack of the former being a bummer.

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The phenomena you describe are very common among polyglots. False cognates, or words which sound similar but have different meanings ie, your dik-dick example. And 'crossing the wires' thinking of a word/grammatical structure of one language while speaking another. It makes life more fun!