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But will there be a "kept you waiting" joke?

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Stuff like that awesome, exciting disc 1 ending sequence is exactly the sort of thing that modern JRPGs are sorely lacking. I remember in the Playstation Final Fantasies you could press Select (no idea what key that would be) when walking around to bring up an icon showing you the exits of the screen. Navigating pre-rendered backgrounds is definitely a lost art but was second nature back then. And yeah, I always hated that sewer dungeon so you're not alone on that one. In it's defense though, hitting X on everything to see if it was interact-able was just accepted/understood as a convention of those games at the time (since it was obviously difficult to convey that through the graphics).

Also, Triple Triad rules.

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Just beat Wolfenstein. Started the Last of Us remastered the other day and got about 4-5 hours in when my save just magically disappeared. Might have to go back to it after Batman.

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@ssully: He put his gun away after seeing a pool of blood on the floor. Investigating a house connected to a guy that was just tortured and murdered. The stereo system was on and playing music for crying out loud, clearly indicating someone was still in the house. Granted, drinking heavily as he was impairs your judgement but not that much.

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@paulmako: Completely agree about Farrell's character. The other three leads are not very compelling to me at the moment. And the overall plot about the shady real estate deal is kinda boring and lacks focus. The more interesting approach would be how the different detectives interact with each other ( and hopefully stab each other in the back) but I'm not convinced the show can pull it off yet. Also, Vaughn seems way out of his acting comfort zone so far. He's at his best intimidating that guy on the side of the road, not delivering groan inducing monologues about his world being made out of papier mache.

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*shakes head at people voting Skyrim over Oblivion*

I would have to pick Skyrim over Oblivion. I really like oblivion, but Skyrim is just newer and has the benefits therof. If they rereleased both on the same engine and ported skyrims improvements back into Oblivion, then I would pick oblivion.

There were improvements sure, but the quests in Skyrim were so much weaker than Oblivion. Skyrim can't hold a candle to The Purification, Whodunit? and The Ultimate Heist.

But on the other hand, Skyrim doesn't have the god awful level scaling that Oblivion had. It wins by merit of that alone.

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Has anybody watched Chinatown before?

The definitive LA detective story for me. Maybe True Detective will use LA to great effect the way rural Louisiana became a character in itself in S1, but I can't help but wish they had gone with a less well-worn setting for season 2.

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PC only, FYI

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Yep, the world is run by teenagers. That's Japan for you. You'll find that's the case in countless anime and video games. The protagonists who will save the world are usually between 14-18 years old. The strong/wise authority figure in your party might be the ripe old age of 22. It's really stupid from a western point of view but if you are to get any enjoyment out of it you gotta kinda just accept it as a trope of Japanese storytelling.

In my head I just think of Quistis being a young teacher in her 20s, maybe 24 or something, and Squall being 18 or 19. So her digging him is a bit inappropriate considering their student-mentor relationship but not too gross. Besides he's a weird, loner asshole so she might be drawn to that and trying to "fix" him in some way. To her credit, she waits until she gets canned to make her move. Oh God, why am I thinking about this so much? Help.