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if anyone comes across a xbox 360 or xbox one codes let me know

beta starts jul 23rd on xbox. codes will be out then.

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@inspectah: Pre-loading games a la steam would be nice, I agree. A few hours delay doesn't bother me too much in the end, though. I'm all in on digital this gen.

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All that stuff sounds really dumb. I will be downloading the game when it comes out.

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I skipped it back in the day and have no intention to ever try it out.

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To be fair, colonial marines looked mediocre from the start. This actually has a shot at being decent.

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does the brake pedal vibrate a bit under braking? If so, you might wanna get your rotors resurfaced. squealing is either pads on their way out, or moisture (in the morning, after it rains). "Powering down" sound could be your tires wearing down and becoming noisier. Lots of variables there. Brand, summer vs all-season, mileage, frequency of tire rotation, alignment...

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First class by far. No offense to Hugh Jackman who is awesome, but the lack of Wolverine in that movie was great.

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Awesome man, congrats.

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I'm all for emulation, I've just already played every old game I've ever wanted to when I was younger. Don't have too much interest in revisiting that now.

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Ketchup is clearly superior as a condiment. Mayo is a sandwich spread. The real debate should be between different ketchup brands. I like Heinz for tradition, and Sir Kensington's when I'm feeling fancy.