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Because they don't really care, I suppose.

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Whole milk is too rich? I had no idea people had such delicate sensibilities. That said, I rarely drink milk these days but I'll use it for cooking/baking.

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The PS4 gold headset is pretty decent, has 7.1 VSS, an integrated mic, comfy as hell, and you can use it wired as well. Only $100 and you can probably find it cheaper.

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Nope, I like my PS4 just fine. Don't need BC or those other extra features. I don't have a PC so I'm not constantly comparing the graphics or anything. Share play alone justifies the new generation for me.

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I had a case for my 5S only because those official Apple ones were very thin and cool looking. After two years the screen developed an internal leak anyway. I'm back to raw doggin' it now.

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I stopped caring about half life years ago

I never cared about half life.

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@imsh_pl: I would be fine if the site GOTY list was purely based on a points system from their Top 10s. Then they could just spend 4+ hours each day doing in depth analysis and discussion of these games. Probably wouldn't work but whatever.

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All 90s Square JRPGs. First-party Dreamcast games. Any Kojima game. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

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@yesiamaduck: I'm 130 hours in and only now am I starting to tire of MGSV(because I've done just about everything). The mechanics and systems are just impeccable.

The ending is great and I really enjoyed what happens to Huey and Quiet. I would've been really disappointed if the game ended with the death of skull face as he was never an interesting villain to begin with.

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A woodworking podcast, of course.