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Can't believe I'm saying this but I would totally play that game. The Zelda elements are enough to sucker me in, I suppose. Not enough to buy a Wii U for, though.

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Just played the demo for about a half hour, did the first two missions. Not sure what to think yet of the driving model. Simulation still feels pretty arcadey so I'll have to switch between that and full on arcade mode and see which is more fun. The scenery is beautiful and I'm a fan of the radio stations too. I haven't played a game of this type since Test Drive Unlimited, which bums me out knowing this game won't have motorcycles in it.

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@ghostiet: I never considered the Japanese language aspect of it. That makes it even cooler!

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I think its hinting that Pliskin infiltrated the Big Shell from the water (since they are sea lice). The colonel explains a bit about them if you call him while looking at the bugs.

Did he? I thought he came in on a helicopter? Raiden comes in via the water for sure at the start of Big Shell.

That's what he says, but it's a lie.

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I think its hinting that Pliskin infiltrated the Big Shell from the water (since they are sea lice). The colonel explains a bit about them if you call him while looking at the bugs.

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So the new raid, Vault of Glass, just unlocked and people are streaming it (Here, for example.). The first two encounters are already more interesting than any of the other PvE content in the game. On the first boss you have to keep yourself cleansed of poison while keeping both the left, right and middle areas under control. On another phase of that boss, one person has to hold what appears to be a shield, which has its own super that penetrates the shield of the boss, allowing the other 5 players to damage it, the person holding the shield is essentially the tank for that fight.

This is really cool, but really irks me at the same time. Why are no interesting mechanics like these in any of the main story line or strikes? A lot of people simply won't get to see this content. It requires a lot of grinding to get to level 26+, hours and hours of doing repetitive patrol missions and strikes to get enough marks and rep to buy legendary gear, cause god knows the loot system won't give you enough. Even after you get all that, you then have to find 5 other people who have put in all that time as well, and have everyone sit down and do a 5+, or however long, hour raid. That is a mighty tall order.

I really hope they add these kind of interesting, challenging mechanics outside of these raids. I honestly don't know if I'll put in enough time to even come close to having enough gear for this thing. Does this annoy anyone else? Going through the story, I was dying for something, anything, besides defending my ghost from a wave of enemies. All 6 strikes involve you just killing wave after wave, and fighting 2-3 bosses that kind of sit there until you pump enough ammo into them.

I don't think this is getting enough attention. It just goes to show how half-baked the main game is that this end-game encounter is more interesting than anything else in the game not by virtue of how awesome or intricately designed it is, but largely on the fact that it's different, the fact that they added in any sort of mechanic to differentiate it from regular strikes. I watched a few minutes of the stream, however, and it still looks boring to me.

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Conflict of interest in Journalism = Bad, Personal Harassments because of this = Bad, the fact that this was censored and people in leadership positions largely ignored it = Bad.

The real downer of GamerGate is that almost everyone involved directly was fanning one side of the fire or the other. In the midst of all of that, the whole point got lost in a barrage of emotionalism rather than professionalism (the lack of which started this whole thing).

Exactly. I just give the press more flak because they should know better and act with professionalism.

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Typical Microsoft move. Why spend that money making original IP when you can just throw money at an already existing one?

Seriously, first Gears of War (does anybody still care about GoW?) and now Minecraft (already at or past its peak). Hopefully they are different budgets or whatever.