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@skyrider: Where are you watching the G1 shows for future reference? I'll probably bite the bullet and buy their stream if they're all archived. The only places I've seen that has the latest show is XWT and I'm already seeing their dumb ratio requirement is going to lock me out pretty soon.

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Just got past the halfway point in Kill la kill and this has pretty quickly become one of my favorite shows I've seen. The only way I could describe how I feel about it is that it pretty much nails the craziness that anime is. I'm just bad at articulating I guess. But as soon as I'm done with it, I'm gonna check out Gurren Lagann.

Also Mako's epiphanies and the origin of life fibers is so fucking dumb and I love it.

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Barakamon continues to be adorable in every conceivable way.

Watched first episode of Mushishi, gonna stick with it.

Finished Shinsekai yori and I feel like I may have missed some things like what happened to Mamoru and Maria It's a slow start and probably requires a specific mood to watch, but overall I really enjoyed it.

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Blazing my way through multiple shows. I went through all of the available seasons of Bakemonogatari and liked it overall. There are a few things that I could've done without, like the constant flashing text throughout the episode which made me literally mash pause/play to read it. I also wasn't a fan of the weird harem thing going with elementary school age to high school age girls. I enjoyed the division of the season into chunks because it made.

I also finished Psycho-Pass, which had me hooked from the first episode just on its premise and the philosophical questions it brings up with the cost of a "perfect" society. Also the main villain is a motherfucker, as they should be. Its second season might be my most anticipated thing for the fall season. I would like to know from anyone watching the extended cut of it if I missed out by being impatient on that version though.

Now I'm moving onto Angel Beats! on top of a bunch of currently airing stuff like Akame no Kill, Aldnoah Zero and Tokyo Ghoul.

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Damn. I went Argentina on this, and they both had so many chances to score early on. But it was a good game for both teams. I'm just glad it didn't end in PK's, even if that means Argentina lost because I don't feel that is necessarily skill based victory.

Being new to watching it, there are still some things that irk me like having the clock run endlessly. The cynic in me make me think players play dirty by faking how serious injuries are to kill time. But whatever, I enjoyed my time watching the tournament.

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I'm just glad it's over after how crazy the speculation got. Seriously, after not saying anything officially to anyone, the story got crazier and showed that the media couldn't help themselves from adding to the speculation. Now hopefully Carmelo, Bosh and all other free agents land wherever and I can get excited for another season of basketball.

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So I've started watching Bakemonogatari and have a quick question for those who watched it. Should I be paying attention to the text that flashes on the screen during the course of it? It's a little jarring having to pause every few minutes to read what's on the screen.

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How about I buy your game on clearance in a year and watch the DLC online? I would absolutely not pay full price in advance after Colonial Marines, and I would hope others wouldn't also.

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Strictly on hot dogs for me.

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This is fucking savage. I guess I picked a good time to get into this. Also, Twitter is pretty fun right now.