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I still don't know what to expect out of FFXV, but if it means I can play Kingdom Hearts sooner, I'm all for it.

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I pretty much missed the entire Raw, which seems for the best based on reactions. That said, I kinda wish I had seen the reaction to Cameron somehow botching a cover. It's really funny seeing that after this week's Total Divas where she tries to defend her deserving in-ring time as opposed to becoming a valet.

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He got paid and got out. Seems like the dream situation for anyone. I can't be mad at him. Especially when you consider where Minecraft was to what it's become.

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As far as I'm concerned, there is only a black site.

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Pretty much in the same boat. I'm doing the wait-and-see thing because the beta didn't hook me like it seemed to a lot of people. It just game me a Borderlands vibe, which is a bad thing for me because I had enough of that after the first game. We'll see, I guess.

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I'm checking out less than ever. I pretty much stick to quick looks, bombcast, powerbombcast, Spooking with Scoops and the occasional interview podcast.

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Finally bought WWEN, and I just wish there were options for recently watched, chronological, and custom playlists. I have no idea what it would take to do that with all the content they have up, but man would it be nice.

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People are assholes. That sucks.

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I understand that they're trying to grow, but I would've really liked that sale to apply for everyone. My month is about due, and the content lately has convinced me to keep my membership for a while.

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I don't have a problem not checking in for a good while, but it's become an integral news source for me. The world is kinda crazy right now, and while it's sad that internet assholes are ruining peoples lives, it doesn't really register for me as being super important in the grand scheme. Basically I don't give much thought to Internet drama.