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Dragon Age. Gonna try to finish this paper so I can play a few hours before getting up tomorrow morning for school.

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Yeah. The game is unopened sitting on my drawer until I have time to return it later this week. I'd rather use that money on Black Friday deals at this point.

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Thanks for the past years, all the same. They were a good back-up to my normal spots.

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Nope. Not gonna deal with poor performance when there are so many games out. This is getting returned as soon as it comes in the mail.

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I have a PS4, and honestly I want a Wii U as my second console. I don't see myself needing a X1 for much after having those two.

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Preordered Unity after getting in on the recent Bestbuy GCU deal, which comes with a $10 gift certificate. I haven't played one since Brotherhood, so I'm in no way tired of the series. I also plan on using the $15 PSN credit from the October promotion to buy Inquisition. Best of both worlds. My wallet is gonna cry this holiday.

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I had no idea this was out in any way. So I guess the Gearbox and Blizzard games are the other two big MOBA's still on the way, unless I forgot one.

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Listened to after I got home from work. It says something that this release is the first thing I've paid attention to in hip-hop in a while. I should probably get down to a show when they come around. Also, Meow the Jewels sounds ridiculous and I'm glad it's going forward.

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Bloodborne not JRPG, in my opinion. But definitely P5. I have no reason to think they won't make a quality game. It just might not be able to top P4, though.

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@dochaus: Whoops, but thanks all the same.