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I haven't played my PS4 enough to have had problems. Although my R2 and L2 buttons are both squeaky. Is that a common thing with anyone else?

Edit: Found a few people mention the same issue. Hopefully they won't stop working or something.

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So I binged my way through Madoka Magica, and holy crap is that a depressing show. Especially for its art style. The story was great and I absolutely loved how they represented the witches on the show. The only thing that bummed me out is that ending. I know that there's a movie set after the show, but I'm gonna be taking a break from it right now.

Overall I was really surprised by this show and admittedly wouldn't have tried it without reading other's recommendations first. So in an effort to expand my horizons in anime, I'm gonna try out Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

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@demoskinos: I fucking love that picture so much. Elmo is secretly a killer.

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So I guess I'm getting into anime for the first time since I was a kid watching Toonami. Currently watching SAO, but I'm looking to expand my horizons beyond shounen genre so I'll be open for just about anything. I'll be looking forward to keeping up with this thread from now on.

A few questions: Is Crunchyroll pretty much the best library of anime to be found legally? Also is there a definitive site for cataloguing and searching for recommendations and/or reviews of anime (like AnimeVice but not dead)?

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That was really tense. Since my teams have been eliminated, I guess I'll be rooting for Argentina simply for being a Spanish speaking country and for eliminating the team that took out the US.

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That game may have been my favorite sports game I've watched ever. I say that as someone who enjoys football (American) and basketball. Tim Howard is a beast and I wish they would've turned it up sooner than the last 20 minutes or so.

I guess now that Team USA is out, I'll throw my hat in for Colombia to take it. I've always been one to cheer for a dark horse.

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@leebmx said:

The only interesting bit was when one of them was firing bananas out of her vag into the audience - it landed on my shoulder! I was quite pissed so I took a bite, lucky i'm still alive I guess.

This part reeeaeally skeeved me out. I'm happy you're not dead, I guess?

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I think I need a break from WWE. I'll keep an eye out for Bryan to get back and maybe a few NXT guys getting called up.

Also, #CenaWinsLOL

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I don't think I can go through another one of those. That was fucking stressful.

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I know he probably doesn't mean anything by it, but that tweet bothers me. When I think of Patrick I like to think of a pretty open person in terms of games. He opened himself to Dark Souls and enjoyed his time with the game. Why go in to a game expecting to hate it? It just seems depressing.