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I have now completed two parts of Yakuza 4 and I am now playing as the third character.  
So far I have gone through Akiyama and Saejima's story. I wasn't expecting Saejima's story to be as good as Akiyama's but I was proven wrong. I suppose I judged Akiyama at the beginning and thought there couldn't be much to this bulky tough looking prisoner. This guy looks like he has more morals than the prison guards. He's morals, motives and reason for being in prison are what really makes this character for me.  
I look forward to hearing about the third characters side of the story. I still don't know he's name yet but I'll pick it up as I play more of it. 
So far, I'm really liking this game. Some of the gameplay mechanics are stuck in the past though. I wish this were fully voiced too. There are parts where its voiced but then it cuts to text. Why not go the extra mile and make it fully voiced as the voice acting in this is incredible. Also, it can get annoying when I am walking and I randomly get into a fight. I suppose it's the waiting to get into fight mode, then after beating them, waiting to get out of fight mode. I mean, why not make it streamlined? It just feels like old gameplay mechanics coming into play here. When he finds a locker key why do I have to watch him take hes time bending down to get the locker key. I suppose thinking about it, they are small issues but I feel even these small changes could make the game flow better.  
I suppose I am willing to take the negatives when such a great story is being told.  

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@DokiDokiBawanga: Well you play as 4 guys including Kazuma. I have only played as Akiyama so far though. 
Also, I am not reading too much of the replies to my blog just incase of spoilers, so if you don't get a reply, sorry. 
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After finishing Yakuza 3 last year, I couldn't wait to see what Yakuza 4 has to offer. I have now finished the first chapter of Yakuza 4 and it is definetly interesting.  
So the first character is not Kazuya surprisingly enough, but some guy called Akiyama. Akiyama though is a facinating character. They have done a fantastic job of introducing him. I look forward to more with this character. 
From recollection, I think Kamurocho looks far better here than in Yakuza 3. At least thats how it looks like but I doubt I'll play Yakuza 3 to figure that out. I don't know what it is about me but once I finish a game, no matter how good it is, I can never play it again even if I have the intent to play it again sometime.  
Anyway, first impression = facinating!

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Hey everyone! I went to play-asia in the hope of importing catherine but there a very clear message that mentions "this item is not available in your territory". I need another import gaming site that is reliable. I don't want to risk buying from any online store. Are there any suggestions?  
Thanks in advance! 

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Just finished the game. Loved the cat ending. Makes me look at my cat in a different light!

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@lordofultima: That is weired because I have just tried to purchase this game through play-asia and they say that "  You have items in your cart that cannot be sent to your location. Please remove the item(s) in question and proceed to checkout again". 
I dont know whats going on...anyone else having the same problem? Are there any other import sites?
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@Zero_:  I suppose I agree with this to an extent. Sometimes it gets tedious but overall, I didn't mind the gameplay in persona 3 or 4 too much. 
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@laserbolts: Yeah. Give it a go. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it or maybe you wont. Either way, not everyone can agree on everything. 
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@laserbolts: Everyone has their own opinion. Never said that everyone else is wrong. I did play the demo though and I had allot of fun with the nightmare part. I didn't find the controls hard at all. I honestly cannot understand what Vinny was having trouble with. Anyway, I bet they find some really cool ways to spice up the nightmare sequences. 
So I can say that by playing this game, my own opinion of it is a big positive so far which is why I am pumped for this. 
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@MooseyMcMan: I can understand where your coming from. I however didn't really mind the dungeon crawling stuff at all. I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I was playing it rather than watching that made it that much more enjoyable for me. I played the demo and I found the gameplay to be quite enjoyable. Anyway, I really can't wait to get this game!