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awesome movie!

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Ok gonna try this whole blog writing thing out because of the new quest system. I gotta say I'm really kinda of digging it. Right now in my world of gaming has been consumed wholly by FFXIII. I've now sunk two days of my life into it and I feel like I'm rushing threw it as I didn't do much in grand pulse. I'm really digging it now even more so that I know what the hell is going on. I really don't understand all the hate on the game though. It's an FF game and by that nature not for every one but even FF fans I know have given up on it. I just don't get it, I really like the battle system a lot enjoying the story and really don't mind the characters, expect for hope he could die at any time and I wouldn't cry. In any case I know the whole it gets better thing is not a good argument but it does, and even though I was just more or less hitting a for the first 15 hours I was still having a good time. Alright that's all for now might try this again later. 
On a side note the "Rick Roll" has ruined youtube. Fuck you Rick Astley and fuck you to the people who still think the RIck Roll is funny, it's not.

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fuck i just thought it was cool the site got a plug. GT more then likely has a bit more traffic then GB so if it helps bring more people here I think that's cool (been on the site since the blog days). Plus I think what he was saying is not so much a knock at GB but that your really have to earn your score with these guys, they don't hand out the 5 outa 5's all the time like some sites, ya I'm looking at you xplay......

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this is awful

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I signed up looks way cool!

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I'm playing final fantasy, seems like a good port so far

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First run is limited with a few extra's after that stuff is out of the channel they put out a standard. Not the first time a company has done this.

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the dude cut the audio that's been shown, lost all credit with that in my opinion. If a mod wants to talk one more trash talking 12 year-old off Xbox live, they have my support.

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played both and bioshock was a better game.