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@AssInAss said:

Has to be Dust Elysian Tail for me.

Amazing looking combat AND Metroidvania design?!

Holy shit! That looks awesome! Why the hell does XBOX always get the best downloadable games?

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I am sure I can wait for another 10 months

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Looks very similar to Red Dead in terms of graphics and rendering and if the gameplay is anything like Red Dead, just set in modern times I'm on board.

#4 Posted by NXH (63 posts) -

Next game on my list. Getting it at the end of this week.

#5 Posted by NXH (63 posts) -

Tbh, I have no idea why people find Just Casue 2 a good game. I thought it was awful!

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Probably will give this a miss. I played the shit out of RE4 when I had on the Gamecube but I can't be fucked to play it all over again for the sake of achievements/trophies and Code Veronica pissed me right off.

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Someone help me out. here. I know once your subscription has expired you can no longer access the cloud, but the saves stay on the system for 6 months after your sub end  .
For example, if I were to do the 3 month subscription and after my 3 months has expired I then have 6 months to keep my saves on??

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Apple sauce, bitch!

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@SirBlimE:  What I mean is, back up the data onto an external hard drive and then put it into a slim?
#10 Posted by NXH (63 posts) -

 Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer saved game data from say one PS3 fat to a PS3 slim?

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