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I enjoyed this post. Particularly "Snake a Larange".

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My friend just got it on his iPad after I casually mentioned it. I feel kinda bad now, he spent 69 british pence and he seems a bit bummed that there's not much to do.

I told him to leave it on in the background for a bit. Every now and again it pops up with a message saying something like "I adore this creamy morning." or "I couldn't care less about this night of nights." Made me smile, I like David O'Reilly's sense of humour, but hey, I'm not the one that bought it.

Just wondering if anyone has noticed anything interesting on it.

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Why turn Windjammers in to a flash game?

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This is super cool.

I posted a bug on the google extension support page thingy although I'm not sure it's a bug, more just a request to make the extension even more awesome.

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You are so fucking good.

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This is all so you can shout REPULSIIIIIOOOONNNNNNN isn't it?

I like the thread idea though @crispy.

EDIT: Having played Phoenix recently I feel like there should be more experimenting with the movement of heroes. Not blink or force-staff style movement but maybe more things like IO's tether and Phoenix's dive. Maybe I'll think about it more and come up with a hero.

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@aviar, @flippyandnod:

Thanks duders that was useful. Seems like the Xbox is much better when it comes to consumption while it's running - but the saving during standby mode makes up for it a bit. Must be that Kinect waiting for you to say "Xbox ON". I hope the Xbox doesn't use too much power while you're watching TV through it.

Going from this I think I'll leave my PS4 on standby a couple nights a week and just turn it off the rest of the time. That way it can still get updates and stuff like that.