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My friend just got it on his iPad after I casually mentioned it. I feel kinda bad now, he spent 69 british pence and he seems a bit bummed that there's not much to do.

I told him to leave it on in the background for a bit. Every now and again it pops up with a message saying something like "I adore this creamy morning." or "I couldn't care less about this night of nights." Made me smile, I like David O'Reilly's sense of humour, but hey, I'm not the one that bought it.

Just wondering if anyone has noticed anything interesting on it.

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Why turn Windjammers in to a flash game?

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This is super cool.

I posted a bug on the google extension support page thingy although I'm not sure it's a bug, more just a request to make the extension even more awesome.

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You are so fucking good.

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This is all so you can shout REPULSIIIIIOOOONNNNNNN isn't it?

I like the thread idea though @crispy.

EDIT: Having played Phoenix recently I feel like there should be more experimenting with the movement of heroes. Not blink or force-staff style movement but maybe more things like IO's tether and Phoenix's dive. Maybe I'll think about it more and come up with a hero.

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@aviar, @flippyandnod:

Thanks duders that was useful. Seems like the Xbox is much better when it comes to consumption while it's running - but the saving during standby mode makes up for it a bit. Must be that Kinect waiting for you to say "Xbox ON". I hope the Xbox doesn't use too much power while you're watching TV through it.

Going from this I think I'll leave my PS4 on standby a couple nights a week and just turn it off the rest of the time. That way it can still get updates and stuff like that.

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Does everyone leave their PS4s on the standby mode or do you guys shut it off completely? Not sure if I'm just wasting power by having it on standby all the time.

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I was planning on giving my spare humble codes away on steamgifts but just realised you can't do that.

So PM if you want one of the following:


- Limbo

- Bastion