Games Purchased in Tokyo Summer 2009

This is the list of games I acquired in my trip to Tokyo during the summer of 2009. The majority of them are probably from Super Potato in Akihabara, but there are probably other sources, too.

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Posted by InfiniteStateMachine

I love super potato. I've heard there are other stores with lots of retro stuff around there with supposedly better prices but I didnt really look. 
i cant complain about paying 300Y for 18 gameboy games :D

Posted by Pepsiman
@InfiniteStateMachine: Some of the other places around there are indeed cheap, depending on whether you wanna risk paying for potentially broken merchandise, but yeah, Super Potato's a charming place. Lovely arcade they have at the top floor, too.
Posted by InfiniteStateMachine
@Pepsiman: You inspired me to post some of my photos of super potato, working the blog entry now :)
Posted by Pepsiman
@InfiniteStateMachine: Very rad. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's up. ^^
Posted by snake911

 I own and played Ghost in the Shell for the PS1.  It was an awesome little game!