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@BRO: Should've expected something like that from a linux user
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Prbly not Ryan because I could feed the man drinks all night and he'd still be perfectly fine, seems like he can hold his booze well. I would want Jeff cause the man knows how to ackrite.

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Wasnt it always the rule that games with nudity were rated AO. But then lost and damned came out with the penis fiasco and I never heard anything about it and it was only rated M. I know there was another game recently with nudity I just cant remember. Anyone know what the rule on that is?

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@ZeForgotten said:
" Why only in the car? "
haha I'd look dumb carrying 50 lollipops around with me all day
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I've heard things like keep a bag of lollipops in the car and shit like that. Any advice?

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prbly shoulda mentioned single player is prbly better

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So I wanna go out and get like 5 games or so for my laptop but they gotta be lower specs so they can run. I already have a few so you can kinda get what can run smoothly on my PC: 
I have Counter Strike Source,Half-Life2,Civilization 4,Trails and Track mania. Im just looking for anything fun, genre doesnt really matter just something easy to kill time with. Sugestions?

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saw it last friday, I think its too bad that it its only playing for a few days (at least in Toronto). I actually never saw Blair Witch so kind of horror was new to me. I heard there was a problem with Blair Witch with the camera going everywhere making people kinda sick (see cloverfeld for another example), but I thought this movie was pretty awsome. You could always tell when shit was about to go wrong when the bass started to build, then they would switch it up and do it after when you're not expecting it. You're super right about the acting it was all very convincing. I think it was the fact that they didnt use huge effects to scare you rather using just plain wierd shit. Definetly anyone who likes horror movies should see

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