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@spraynardtatum: There are only blurry pictures of him, stood over Browns corpse, taken from a distance. There's definitely no blood on him, but that doesn't mean he wasn't hurt.

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@kevin_cogneto: Everyone either likes even or odd numbered MGS games, so here's my dissenting opinion:

2 and 3 are the best. Fuck 1 and 4

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@make_me_mad: I'm not sure that anybody called it an ER...

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Had one since the end of June. I like it a lot. I can see it being a great system given a few years but right now, along with the Xbox 1, I wouldn't consider it a must have. If you can't see anything that you HAVE to play on it then theres nothing wrong with waiting.

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Play Proteus. Whenever nothing happens take a shot.

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I'm trying to remember, but how long are these games on average? I am thinking 15 or so hours each?

Yeah, with the cutscenes. If you skip them and you know what you're doing it can be a lot less. I used to be able to finish MGS2 in about two hours on normal ha.

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Fuckin' Don DeLillo. My ex convinced me that I'd love him based on my favourites (Kerouac, Bukowski, Vonnegut etc.), so I read Underworld and I swear there isn't a single interesting paragraph in that entire fucking book. And it's long as hell too. Ugh. Greatest living American author my arse.

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Super Meat Boy.

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Read the comments on this video. People are fucking INSANE. Phil designed a poster as a reward for a film kickstarter, and people are calling him a thief...

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@video_game_king: Agreed, but he does do a great job of showing how ridiculously well designed MMX is, even if his humour is kinda dumb.