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Bradley I beg you,

please no super late Bombcast,

it would be the worst.

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Could this be Deep Down? I haven't heard much about that game since it was announced, but I remember it looking a bit like Dragons Dogma, and heard some rumours that it was online f2p.

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@pcorb: She's a woman who validates mens opinions about feminism, I'm surprised its taken this long for someone to post her videos tbh. Who cares what else she supports, or how many women disagree with her, she agrees with them. "it seems plausible enough [...] she seems pretty coherent". Thats good enough.

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@sessh said:

And last but not least some Japanese stuff like Gozu

Fuckin Gozu is the weirdest movie I've ever seen.


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The only website I posted on that still exists is 4chan's /b/. I definitely said some stupid, awful shit on there, but the combination of anonymity and short thread-life means no-one can ever find it. I used to post on the forums of a punk band back in the day but it isn't archived, cos you needed to log in to see posts. I never have to know the depths of my teenage stupidity.

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@trylks: The point is that if the information is out there that making more female protagonists doesn't have a significant market then its not our business to complain about it

I find this statement strange, but I'm not sure how to articulate why. Games with male protags get made because thats what sells, but why shouldn't we question the reasons behind that? It isn't about "questioning the market" (as though the market is some ethereal being, above reproach and not a concept that only has as much power as we as a society let it), it's about questioning our culture, and the reasons behind why women are not as well represented as men in games. I suspect the reason is much deeper than the amount of women in a game, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have the conversation. Just saying "this is how it is, who are we to change it" helps no one. It's lethargy at best.

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Cool, lets raid. FYI I am bad at organising things, but if you tell me a time and a place I'll be there.

LVL 25 Titan.

PSN ntrl187

Timezone... I dunno, whatever the timezone UK is.

Also, I haven't finished the story missions, so I won't be much use unless someone wants to do some hard-mode story content with me. I just played Crucible non-stop and only got up to the second moon mission ha.

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@whitegreyblack: Goddamn I just lost my shit at that video :D Mac was the best when he was cultivating mass.

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@sweep said:

Every episode of Kentucky Route Zero is like rediscovering videogames for the first time. So, so good.

Yup. Yuuuuuup. First game in a long time to crack my top 5 and it ain't even done yet.