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Dude, last patch buffed Nunu jungle so fugking much, he's A MONSTER.

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@azteck: Well if you saw the behind the scenes video you would have listened to them saying that they didn't use MoCap for this cinematic because FUCK PHYSICS.

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Hi, I'm experiencing various problems with the video player, videos either take ages to load and keep buffering or they just stop in the middle and can't be recovered. Also, would be nice to have a "replay" button available. I'm using Chrome but these problems don't seem to occur on other sites like Youtube, Twitch et similia. If this isn't just my problem please fix it, it's becoming a little frustrating.

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I for one won't play it anyway, I said that his douchebaggery towards Japanese game industry ruined any appeal that Fez could have for me and I'm keeping my promise.

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<----- Please refer to my avatar. -----

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@daveyo520: In fact it just tried, but didn't succeed to bum me. Also, should we start an "official thread" to organize all the stuff?

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Yay, thanks QL Live for trying to bum me out lol.

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@dizzymedal: You'll know when all the rewards are unlocked because Steam will say it in the main page, as it's happening now for Tomb Raider.

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I got hooked again.

After Don't Starve, Runner 2 and Sim City here's my fourth preorder in two months, Bioshock Infinite. I already wanted to buy it but I was still on the fence since my PC isn't the best around. Was planning to buy it later, with a reduced price and a better rig.

Then Steam Sale came. As I read it I was like "Hm, Bioshock free, I can give it to a friend", "Oh well, more TF2 stuff, haven't played in a while but ok", "Ah, free XC... FREE XCOM?!?!?!?! AMAGAWD GOTTA GET IT NAO!". So I preordered the game AND the Season Pass. After this compulsive preorder disorder, I'm heading to my parents' place, give them my credit cards and ask them to smash me into the head repeatedly so that I forget numbers and security codes.

I've read an article (on Kotaku I guess) about how Irrational and Valve have achieved a new level of evilness with this new preorder strategy, so it's not my intention to advertise it (although you all should get the game at some point, we're talking about Ken Levine's work). Just out of curiosity, how many of you guys have been baited like me?

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Makes me wonder how fucking much does a LoL champ cost...