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A lot of people's dissection of how GB has dealt with this situation and whether it is appropriate relies on hindsight being 20/20 and forgetting it is damn hard to know the right thing to do when you are in the thick of a shitstorm and have a lot of facets to consider. I do not excuse anything or want to belittle anyone's opinion on whether they handled it well or poorly. I do wish GB's position had been stated loudly and clearly at an earlier time, but I cannot even begin to say I know why that was the case, whether it points to specific conclusions, or if any implication and assumptions would be based solely on hindsight and personal bias.

I don't know how to offer any sort of solution to this, so I will just echo the sentiments people have put forth that Patrick's "we can always do better" is a good way to look forward and try to improve when these sorts of nasty situations arise. I hope the community and industry can begin to heal and look forward to a better path forward.

The solution is to do exactly what this thread is doing and point out to what they did right so they continue to do it and what they did wrong so they don't repeat those mistakes again.

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@spacekatgal: So you're upset because they didn't like the new Tomb Raider as much as you did and that they don't sit around reading twitter drama and writing stories about it. You know this is a small site that mostly makes funny videos about video games, right?

Your friend decided to call GB out, a lot of people saw her tweets and obviously didn't like her criticism. It sucks she was harassed but I don't see how any of that is the fault of the site. It sounds like you should be calling out twitter for their moderation policies since all of that happened there.

None of this is the staff's fault but that's not the point. The point is that the staff did nothing to reign in the crazies on here that went after Samantha Allen. Jeff has a huge amount of influence over the sites members. When he says something people listen. He had maybe one tweet about that incident the next day? Alex shouted angrily at people on twitter some more and that was it. They wrote a letter about that a couple days later only to resume their silence.

This site was always built on transparency and personalities and the reason people sign up in the first place is because they identify with the staff. That community is the staff's responsibility because they made it what it is today. That's Jeff's biggest failures with the site, not caring enough about its community and what it does.

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Donkey Kong Country 2

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I just don't understand Ms Wu, Patrick has stuck his neck out numerous times during Worth Reading, Bombin the AM, and answering folks on Tumblr, Questions videos and in PM's and has gotten roasted by users for it, he went out of his way and booked more Women for this recent E3 to get another perspective during those conversations. and now has users taking pot shots at him for by bringing up his Father's death and Mr Davis's Passing

If you want to say there's more he could do and could be faster on reporting on current news, i can at least understand where you are coming from, but i disagree with the notion that the site has generally ignored industry issues affecting industry women. as that reads as throwing a good bit of what Patrick did for the site under the bus.

I consider Patrick a friend. He's done lot of good, and I actually thanked him personally on PBS and on Twitter. I don't agree with all the choices his employer makes.

This is the exact point those weird Patrick haters are pushing too but in reverse. Patrick is part of Giant Bomb and his articles, decisions and expertise are part of the site as a whole. You can't make the distinctions between Patrick content and Giant Bomb content if you like one and not the other. The views expressed by Patrick are the views of the website because he's the guy reporting on that kind of stuff.

It sounds more and more like your side of the argument is eerily similar to the side demanding Giant Bomb be about video games and fun stuff. They don't get a say on whatever Patrick should stop posting articles about social issues and you don't get a say about who would be the best fit for an editorial position on the site.

You can separate Patrick from the rest of the staff to the extent that he is on his own in Chicago, has zero interaction anymore with the Staff in San Francisco, most notably the bombcast, which i'm willing to bet has a bigger audience that knows the site only through the podcast on iTunes compared to the audience that actually visits the site itself.

Its sad to say but i'm sure a majority of people that know of Giant Bomb probably don't know that Patrick still works here.

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I'm in the minority here on this but here goes.

This letter from the editor rings hollow. It rings hollow because i've read this same letter a dozen different time on a dozen different sites. It says nothing new, accomplishes nothing. Doubly so from a site where the staff, minus Patrick and Alex, have maintained complete silence on the issue until this week. It rings hollow coming from a staff where some members wouldn't last very long on these forums without some significant changes to their attitude and way of presenting arguments. A staff that frequently mocks people and dismiss opinions they do not share. The community here has been cultivated for years by this staff and I was not surprised to see some users on here go off the deep end against certain critics of the site. Few sites have a staff, Jeff in particular, that can exert this much influence on their community, for better or worse.

Contrary to what Jeff said, silence does equate complicity. Angrily shouting at assholes on Twitter does not count as breaking this silence either. And resuming this silence will not do either and I don't want to be overly pessimistic but I don't see this changing. You can't ask Giant Bomb to fix the industry's problems but you can ask them to fix their own and there is some fixing to be done.

In regard to ethics in gaming journalism. I never considered ethics to be the main issue. I have always been much more concerned with the quality of journalism we get, ethics notwithstanding. The homogeneity of opinions and the extremely low standards for reporting and reviewing. Nepotism is central to these issues. You favor friends, people that may not be entirely qualified, people with whom you are often getting along because they share the same world views, share the same cultural background and so on and you thus perpetuate this cycle of homogeneity in the gaming press. Frankly, I can't bring myself to care about breaches of ethics, or failures to disclose potential conflicts of interests when on a very basic level the quality of journalism we get is so lacking.

Not all of these issues apply to Giant Bomb per se but some certainly do.

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I take offense with this:

Sometimes we’ll lock or delete a new thread just based on past experience: if a similar thread led to disaster yesterday, we’ll probably lock it if you try to post it today.

This is shooting with a bazooka at something that might become a problem.

In trying to make the forums more welcoming this accomplishes the exact opposite. I have had zero interest whatsoever in even trying to discuss anything remotely controversial on these boards where the moderation team preemptively decides to not trust users to be respectful. This has happened a lot in the last couple months. And now it's put officially in writing that this will continue.

And there have been multiple examples of threads being locked or deleted based on this principle for no reasons that had several dozens posts with very few inflammatory comments. This is putting your head in the sand long enough for people to forget about a particular subject. This is lazy.

I cannot and will never agree with that approach.

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Bot Colony

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I'd rather they fix everything that's currently broken before adding new features or re-adding old ones.

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I don't know if that has ever been big news but i feel like i've know for a while now that the IGF are terrible and almost completely bogus.