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Normal. Or casual if this is what they call easy because i don't want to play on easy but have no problem if it's casual instead. The psychology totally works!

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Can a mod lock this already? Nothing good will ever come out of any thread whatsoever discussing Phil Fish. This horse has been dead for a long fucking time. The same arguments over and over and over again leading no where because the only people participating are those who are dedicated to hating Phil no matter what versus those dedicated to defending him no matter what. This is all so profoundly stupid to be this invested in someone you don't know and who hasn't been news in a meaningful capacity since Fez 2 got cancelled a year ago.

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They have a lot of premium podcasts if you are into wrestling, Formula 1 and movies. Otherwise it's not worth it if the video side of thing is just background noise.

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I don't know about perfect but it's one of those few movies i constantly go back to and put on my second monitor while playing something at the same time like Civ 5 and just glance over every now and then. I just like the general atmosphere a lot.

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Patlabor 1 and 2 are fantastic.

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Since day 1 i registered on this site in 2010. Since 2007 on steam and other places.

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@video_game_king said:

Remember this, people: you can't say mustard without saying turd. Let that gem tell you my position on this.

Not if i speak French! Moutarde is great.

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The "big guy" from RE4 -- he has a huge beard.

Bitores Mendez

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  1. Wesker
  2. Nemesis
  3. The voice acting.

That's it. The main antagonists in general aren't particularly memorable. And a lot of the bosses aren't really villains but rather just more powerful regular enemies with little personality. Nemesis doesn't really have a personality either but his implementation in the game is fantastic and easily the most nerve racking when you play the game for the first time (he can open fucking doors!). Saddler, Mendez and Salazar in 4 are ok.

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