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There's some interesting things that never occurred to me before regarding the more action oriented and faster gameplay as well as the story in RE3 when played like this in story order for the first time.

The pacing and amount of action when going from RE1 to RE3 directly might have felt a lot more jarring then when played in release order. The action and pacing was increased in RE2 a bit and continues to increase in RE3 but when played in release order it all felt pretty natural given the gradual changes over 3 games.

Likewise, the story missing some needed exposition at the beginning of RE3 wasn't so much an issue when played in release order since all that exposition was in RE2.

This is a good read. I haven't read the previous entries yet but i will do that. I had the same idea a couple years ago but it all fell through after playing only Resident Evil 0. I wrote a blog about it too (shameless plug). I'm interested in seeing how our thoughts on it compare!

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I'm gonna give them the benefit of a doubt and say it's an honest mistake. They did migrate their payment system recently.

It's still a major problem though. I only found out because i was curious when my subscription was supposed to end since i expected it to end after Mother's day since i subbed last year during the Mother's Day promotion. I got lucky because it was going to renew in 3 days.

I don't come to the site anymore and likely wouldn't have found out about the yearly charge until the next time i looked at my credit card statement which might not have been for another month since i never use the thing anyway. I can imagine it being difficult to have a yearly subscription cancelled and refunded after a month has passed...

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My current premium subscription was set to expire (i cancelled it right after subscribing so it wouldn't renew automatically) and everything was in order until the recent changes to the subscription service.

After the week or two not being able to extend/renew/whatever while the engineers were working out some issues (before the Big Live) it now seems like subscriptions that were previously set to expire are now flagged for automatic renewal.

Heads up for anyone who has a subscription that they don't want to renew and had previously cancelled, you may want to double check to make sure it's still set to expire.

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A more reasonable approach would be for Valve to start by implementing this in one of their own games to begin with.

Not Dota 2 or CSGO because they are too big.

TF2 or L4D2 would be perfect. Big enough to have a meaningful go at it and see how things go but not so big that if it fails it becomes a disaster. TF2 is where they've tested F2P and microtransactions for the first time and most of the last major updates to the game have more or less been outsourced to the community under Valve's supervision and final approval before release. The way that game has operated for years makes it ideal to test this. L4D2 would be equally good for this and could use some love from Valve anyway.

Most importantly though, using one of their own games would make it immensely easier for them to deal with the inevitable clusterfuck of copyrights infringements and other DMCA takedown notice this will create. No need to involve anyone else but themselves before they've got things figured out.

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I thought it was pretty easy to see coming actually. This thing is so poorly thought out and implemented even by Valve's standard of the last few years.

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Konami is probably done with video games in general at this point. They'll milk MGS for a while and then that will be that.

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That AMA is par for the course as far as Valve communication is concerned. He really doesn't answer much of anything. Almost all of the answers are a variation of "We want to make things better" or if asked about a specific issue "We'll figure it out as we go".

You can't run a business as big as Steam is now with close to 10 million concurrent users on good intentions alone.

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They're a waste of money that you spend once you've maxed your income with the assassinations/stock market missions. Not much else to it.

It's probably the laziest element they added to the game. I mean you can't even enter most of them. You buy this shiny new thing that does nothing and you can't even at least look at it!

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I agree about Brad hosting. He and Jeff are vastly more engaged/entertaining after switching roles.

6 months ago i would have disagreed strongly about Dan though. He was an insufferable dick and i was questioning whether he had parents while growing up to teach him the basics of life and society. It has since been confirmed that he does in fact have at least a dad who's an alright dude.

However it feels like he's since burned through most of his most idiotic and retarded stories and is significantly more tolerable today.

He's still a dick that likes to get a rise out of people and basically acts in a way that would get a regular duder banned on the forum but like any other online trolls he's probably cool in real life and keeps the dickery for the internet.

Now Jason though! He's the real MVP. This guy is great and needs to be on the bombcast and streams full time.