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@hunkulese: I'm pretty sure i know what i like and don't like and in better position than you to judge if a year is disappointing or not for me.

Edit: Eh, maybe this sound overly antagonistic. It's great if there are plenty of games you liked this year but i didn't say this is the most disappointing year for me lightly. I've put plenty of thought into it and there really are no other years going as far back as 1990 that have had fewer games i've liked. I know, i have a list on the site for this purpose.

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huh..................... Diablo III: Reaper of Souls i guess. I mean it turned around a shit game and made it descent. Nothing spectacular. Other than that the only games i played are Left Behind which is good and Dark Souls II which i hate with a passion. That's it.

The only game i can see myself buying for the rest of the year is Civ: Beyond Earth and even that i'm not sure about anymore. I may have burnt myself on Civ by playing way too much Civ 5 this year.

In any case none of these games compare favorably to my favorites of previous years. Last year alone had 3 games that made it on my top 10 list of favorite games from the generation, 2 in the top 5 and even a fourth one that would probably be number 11 on the list.

2014 is as forgettable as it gets for me. I can't think of a single more disappointing year since... ever.

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An Xbox 360.

Bought one with Halo Reach. Later bought the Gears of War Triple Pack, some indie games that later came out on PC, Shadow Complex and the Perfect Dark HD remaster.

Halo was ok, gears 1 and 2 are both awful and i didn't like Shadow Complex either. Perfect Dark was fine for a short trip down memory lane.

I sold it less than a year after purchase. Made back 200$ out of an investment of over 500$...

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As anyone suggested The Animatrix?

He likes the Matrix, which is basically an anime with real people in it.

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Resident Evil 2 and 3.

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I hope so. The game was good but Vinny's coverage was better.

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In school. Went back home for lunch where i heard the news. It was basically all people talked about in the afternoon and we were told those who took the bus needed to leave now because they needed to send all the buses to the Montreal and Mirabel airport with all the planes being sent there.

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It'll be tomorrow morning at 3AM @zokamoka, or something like that, based on previous releases.


I wonder what will happen this episode!

- Wolves
- PSG-1
- Sniper Wolf (could be the end of the episode here)
- Torture
- Escape (OR HERE!? Only if Wolf goes fast I guess)

How many traps will Drew fall in on his way to the PSG-1? That's the real question.

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Definitely looking forward to this. Kinda lame that the only games in the series that focus on being at least a little horror-ish anymore have way lower budgets than the actiony ones, but hey, there's always a chance RE7 will be different if this does well.

It is rather ironic how this series now requires its attempts at horror to be delegated to a spin-off series, but such is the way of things unfortunately. As for RE7, who knows? At this point I'd be happy if they just make another RE5 really. For all the problems RE6 had regarding the utter stupidity that was always on screen and its complete lack of atmosphere, even more damning was that its gameplay was inferior to RE5's.

I like the smaller budget/scale better for horror. It implies less action and shorter adventures with less padding which lends themselves really well to horror. Besides with how disappointing the last few entries have been i'm not willing to shell out 60$ for an RE game anymore. 6$ just to try however? Absolutely.

As for RE7 i hope it never comes out. I'm not a fan of remakes and reboots in general but at this point i don't think they can salvage the current franchise anymore. Capcom is very capable of releasing an RE7 that ends up being the long awaited prequel to Code Veronica where you play as Steve Burnside! :D :D :D... D:

I want them to start over from scratch or give RE2 and 3 the REmake treatment.

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It's actually a dollar cheaper to buy them individually.

I might actually try it for that price.

Now if capcom would be so kind as to fix the madness that is to have the first revelation still priced at 50$ on steam a year and a half after its release...