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Dark Souls 2

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Dark Souls 2 or Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Because you'd think that the sequels to a game that is near the top of my favorite from last generation or one that i played over 800h of and that both appeared to be more of the same would make the list this year.


You'd be wrong though.

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The industry killed consoles for me.

Consoles are just too limited in what they can and cannot do and the notion of buying a game and it just works is no longer applicable to consoles. Games ship a bit more broken every year. If a game is broken on console well that's that. On PC the community will fix the game if the developer can't be bothered to do its job and in worst case scenario you always have the possibility of brute forcing your way to good performance on PC.

And really, 60 fps (or 120, 144 etc) is not negotiable anymore for me. I couldn't care less about graphics, give me something fast, responsive and precise.

And a mouse.

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@hassun: There is some when not using V-Sync but definitely not an overwhelming amount. And i definitely don't like tearing in general but can deal with it if there isn't too much of it.

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Well this is a surprise, what with Japanese developers' reputation in the PC world but this game is turning out to be one of the best PC ports i've seen in a while. It's not without issues but most of them are fairly benign and will either be patched or people will find workarounds. Regardless, my ancient PC which falls short of even the minimum requirements handles it like a champ.

The rig!:

  • i5 760 2.8GHz
  • GTX 460 1GB
  • 8GB RAM
  • Win 7 64 bits

The results!

At 1080p, V-Sync disabled, everything else set to High (most options go from off/low, med, high and extra high) and running in the middle of the base, in the rain and gunning down people and shooting explosive barrels the game without fail stays above 30 fps, most of the time between 40 and 60. If you like the silent approach and keep the explosive action to a minimum a constant 50+ fps is possible.

Screen filtering seems to be one of the most demanding option and lowering it to low while at the same time increasing textures and texture filtering to extra high means an almost constant 60 fps. I don't mind turning it down either since it removes the depth of field which i generally dislikes. It would have been nice to have an individual option for the depth of field itself however. Lighting and Model Quality are also 2 other options which have a significant impact on performance when going above high. Lighting adds a bunch of additional lights at long distance and Model Quality controls the draw distance and level of details on objects, displaying them with more details at longer distance. Basically turning any of those options all the way up to extra high means taking a 10-15 fps hit on my rig. No can do. Well i can turn up one of them, maybe 2 if it's not raining but not all 3.

Now for some of the issues, most notably there is no mouse control in the menus. It makes navigation a bit cumbersome but once you've set all the options to your liking this becomes a non issue. I also have some problems with the mouse sensitivity. Specifically while zoomed in. You can't set the sensitivity separately for your regular aim and while zoomed in (either with a weapon or the binoculars etc.) This means that the further you zoom in the faster the camera moves. I'm used to play with a fairly low sensitivity so this isn't unmanageable but for high sensitivity users it may be a problem. Otherwise keyboard and mouse control work well.

Some people are also reporting crashes on start up. Having a controller plugged in appears to be one of the culprits but at the same time others are playing with a controller without issues. I haven't personally experienced any stability issues.

If you were on the fence about it because of the listed system requirements or general quality of the port well there is nothing to worry about.

Edit: Deleted the in-game screenshots because low res steam screenshots look no where near as clean as the game actually does.

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Jeff needs a sidekick to get him going and there is no one that will ever be able to get him going like Ryan could.

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@yummylee said:

Like others have said, I think it looks nice but doesn't quite fit a Western.

Also, I like my idea of Red Dead Retirement better, starring an ageing sheriff in 1960s Texas!

Starring Tommy Lee Jones!

I like the idea of an ageing sheriff in the 60s though.

As for a serious enough but also cheesy enough title to fit the series i think Red Dead Retribution has a nice ring to it.

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@otakugamer said:

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@pr1mus said:

In this thread, a bunch of people shitting all over TB, one of which has to dig a 7 FUCKING YEARS OLD THREAD from SA to try and prove a point. I only come to these forums once every other week anymore and this is a good reminder of why i find this community so repulsive nowadays.

Enjoy your little wonderland you got here. I'll make sure to make my visits once every other month now if even that.

You find this community repulsive? I take it you support TotalBiscuit, and count yourself among the "gamergaters". Man I hate that word.

Did someone like hijack your account or something dude? I’ve never seen someone so stuckup in their box that they can’t seem to figure out that you can enjoy someone’s content and respect that person without necessarily agreeing with every opinion he/she throws out there and being bundled in as some sort of “follower”.

I can like a Christian or an Atheist’s content but does that mean I’m Christian or an Atheist? No.

This ^

Nevermind the fact that he obviously didn't bother reading my subsequent post where i explained further why i generally like TB, how i ignore and filter out the entire gamergate thing and why i wouldn't vote for Jeff no matter who else was on the ballot.

@marokai said:

A lot of the internet's recent obsession with "You said and did something I didn't like that one time, everything you've ever done or said is invalid and you're the worst person ever!" is incredibly distasteful.

I don't particularly care who wins this silly popularity contest designed to drive forum arguments exactly like this one, but people who loudly complain about TB have a tendency to come off really poorly. We all want diversity of opinion, but heaven forbid that opinion be anything but yours.