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+1 to this making you sound like a dick. You're doing exactly what you criticize Patrick for doing.

Don't let a word like hardcore get to you like that. That word lost all meaning a long time ago. Don't pretend to speak for everyone that played those games more than once either. By that hardcore definition i'm a hardcore Dark Souls player, having beat it multiple time. But then i apparently played it wrong or not hardcore enough since i used a shield most of the time?

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Yeah cause they have Vinny in them and Alex is cool too.

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It's good but they should drop the "put Dan in every other words/names". It's dumb for a podcast that doesn't actively try to be about dumb fun. In the first episode they said they'd go with it until it got old or something along those lines. Well i think it got old within about 30 secs of the first episode starting.

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I think it's the first password i've had to change in 2015.

So far this year has been going alright.

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Use ramps. Drives me nuts seeing people use regular roads to enter/exit freeways.

There's a reason why they don't try to have 6 slow lanes merge into 3 high speed lanes in real life...

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@mb said:

Brighty, is that you?

I understood that reference!

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Donkey Kong Country 2

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@theht said:

I watched every Fast and Furious movie within the past two days.

The Fast and the Furious - 4/5

I'm surprised at how much of this one I remembered, except for the part where it's actually a lot better than I remembered.

2 Fast 2 Furious - 2/5

This one however is just as delightfully bad as I remember, bro.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift: 4/5

This is where I left off, and it still totally holds up. Was easily my favourite at the time.

Fast and Furious - 3/5

It was cool to see Dom and Brian together again, buuuut this one wasn't particularly special. Expectations were pretty high with all the stuff I'd heard about this series post Tokyo Drift, and this one kinda disappointed. There were some cool moments, but ultimately it's the most uninteresting of the lot. At least 2 Fast was funny bad.

Fast Five - 5/5


Furious 6 - 6/5

This was a solid 5/5, with the mid-credits scene bumping it up a point, because holy fucking shit. I already knew what was gonna happen, but the way it all played out was way more perfect than I anticipated. They fucking did it. They fucking made it all work. I love it.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the finest cinematic forces of our time.

I endorse this post.

Only thing i would change is remove one point from the 2nd and 4th movies and give them to the first and 3rd. But the general assessment of the series is sound.

One of the most rewatchable series ever, it's just so entertaining and dumb but mostly entertaining. It's like wine, it gets better with age.

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I'm new to Persona in general, i've played this one before a while ago but never finished it, in fact didn't get all that far in it. June i think. I never played any of the other games either. The rest of my experience with the series is watching the first 60 or so episodes of the endurance run years ago.

In any case i was wondering if you need to give all the correct answers in order to max out a social link or if you can say whatever you feel like and the game will continue to let you meet with whoever until you max out the social link, whether that takes 12 meeting with that someone or 20.

I know it's probably impossible to max all the social links in one playthrough without following a guide and giving all the best answers every time but that sound very unappealing and it's not my goal. I just don't want to lock myself out of maxing out the social links I decide to focus on because i don't always give the best answers.

Basically what i'm saying here is that there's no way i'm agreeing with Hidetoshi every single time because fuck that guy! But i still want to eventually max that social link regardless.