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@Jackel2072: It didn't really get poor reviews. I don't like to bring up Metacritic all that much, but it averages a 77 on that site. That ain't too shabby.

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I liked it, too.

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42" Samsung plasma with a 360 and PS3 hooked up to it. The 360 is an Arcade with a 120gb hard drive attached to it, and the PS3 is an 80gb fat model.

All in all, not visually exciting.

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Sorry, 1993. Backtracking through the same room ten times is not my idea of fun.

Ugh, I know. I tried to play the XBLA Perfect Dark recently and getting lost in an FPS game is just the worst thing ever. These are first person shooter games, not labyrinths. As great as Doom is, sometimes I feel like a lab rat trying to find the exit or a colour-co-ordinated key. Thats not fun at all.

What's especially annoying are the levels with a 'secret door' that you're obviously not going to know about the first time you play the game. You know, like a door that just looks like any other part of the wall. But it's necessary to find this door to advance to the next level. Absolute bullshit.

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Sorry, 1993. Backtracking through the same room ten times is not my idea of fun.

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There are cynical assholes among us who are determined to never be pleased, no matter what's shown to them. Just try to ignore them.

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The way I see it. You can't escape it, so you might as well embrace it. And I have a life to live, so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I was perfectly content before I was born, and I imagine death will treat me the same way.

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I only drink until I'm buzzed. A nice buzz is wonderful.

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What the fuck are you talking about? The side missions are fun compared to most open world games.

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From that shitty demo, I wouldn't be surprised.