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The Giant Bomb RSS feed annoys me at the best of times, but E3 makes it especially irritating. Is there a way I could change it so I only get subscribed to certain types of content? Ideally I just want to see news/feature articles and any original videos by the GB team, cutting out all trailers and reviews.

PS - I'd also LOVE it if I could just get rid of trailers from the 'latest video' section on the website, if any of the site developers are listening.

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Assuming I'm free I'll be there.

London Game Space could be another decent game-themed venue for this, although it's in Dalston so probably less convenient than KX.

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I was expecting more from this announcement but not new IP given that they were teasing an existing series of significance.

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I've wanted this as a feature for years, trailers just clog up my RSS feed. Also just in general, better organisation. I've not kept up with the last few Bombin' in the AM videos and it's irritating having to try spot the last one I watched mixed amongst all the other videos.

The Video Buddy's ability to mark videos as watched is also super handy, would be good to have that functionality here.

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http://www.vg247.com/2014/02/27/south-park-we-did-not-censor-or-edit-the-game-in-any-shape-or-form-says-ratings-body/ <-- apparently this was all just marketing bullshit, nothing was censored.

*edit* - or rather, they weren't told to change anything. If they self-censored, that's a different thing.

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sucky news, gonna be watching Ghostbusters on Netflix tonight.

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Game looks pretty cool, signed up to the alpha straight away.

Shame for the indie game Chroma though, getting stomped on by the man.

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I'd recommend the Video Buddy, it's got a nice interface with which to keep track of which videos you've downloaded/watched.

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thanks for the replies but nope, I've got an email saying they'll convert to real people money in March. I've still got regular points according to the website.

My concern was that more points will expire before that happens leaving me with way less money than I think I'm owed.