360 Collection - Ranked

This is pretty much a first pass and the rankings are a rough estimate of how I feel about the games, this is a personal list so I don't care how high you think Vigilante 8 should be on the list! Though I am interested if you think I prefer a game that is ranked lower than another. I'm going to try to keep this list up to date when I get new games - approaching 100 which is pretty exciting!

List items

Posted by blowfish

 Ha wow that's a lot of games, i sometimes forget just how many games we've played recently....some might say we have an addiction but we totally pwned those games so we've got it under control :D.
Alrighty looking through the list the first thing that springs to mind is mass effect at number 1? It could very well be the best game you've played (excluding shenmue forklift truck driving of course) but i think i remember jeff gerstmann saying the same thing about uncharted 2, which is you've got to wait a couple of months till after you've played a game for it to all really sink and be able to say yeah damm it that was the best thing i've ever played!!
Most of the list seems bang on with what you said whilst playing the games, with just Bully, Fifa, Left4dead, Mirror's Edge, Harry Potter, UEFA, Guitar Hero 3 and King Kong being too high and Castle Crashers, Lego star wars, sreet fighter 2 and amped 3 too low.