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@ttocs said:

I picked it up last night and I really enjoyed it. I was expecting something that was in Japanese language only. Thankfully it's not. It's full english, with cutscenes, nice graphics, the whole 9 yards. For 30 bucks you are getting a full fledged PSP game so I'm glad I took the chance. I ended up playing it most of last night even though I have Spec Ops the Line and Agarest War 2 in my consoles.

Just curious, does it have the ability to switch the language back and forth?

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If the $100 is the barrier on the development side, then the interface is the barrier for the customers.

When it first launched, Greenlight had all of its games in a format that was utterly frustrating to view: 30 games per page and the ability to change the pages as usual....except whenever you would change pages there was large chance that the order of the games would change. This meant you could see the same games multiple times, or miss games entirely. Worse yet, when you clicked on a game then clicked back, the order would change again...

Now, you can only view the games in 12 page blocks, with the only way to filter being separating the games by genre.

Overall, the service is WAY to unfriendly to users, and I have decided to stay off it until it is fixed, i.e. a way to filter via title, publisher, and/or submission date.....kinda like the steam store....

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I checked off one item from my bucket list by being on TNT.

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I can't say anything about the full game, having never played it, but if I were to rate how excited I was for this game before I played the demo at A-kon last year (essentially the E3 demo) it would have been a 10.

After I played the demo, I would have considered giving it a 3. Could it have been me being too overly hyped about the game? Possibly. Or it could have been the fact that I was so enthralled by both NG1 and NG2 (Hell, even the DS game was good!) that I expected the same amount polish and refinement and definitely did not get it.

However, who cares if the game got a 3. What about what was actually said about the game? Again, I can't comment on the full game, but some of the things that he comments on (boring combat, horrible camera angles, horrible enemy AI) are some of my main concerns about the demo I played.

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Damn you Capcom.    I just freakin sold MVC3 and I thought I was out...but NOVA?   One of the most improved Marvel characters in the past 5 years and EASILY my fav Marvel char right now?   
*sigh*  Here's my money.
Also, screw the Rocket Raccoon hate, he has been one of the best thing in Cosmic Marvel lately.  Still, as much as I like Rocket, I would have preferred Star-Lord.

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@VooDooPC said:

@AlexW00d said:

I like how you used the Witcher 2 as an example as a large game. Try DragonAge: Origins 20GB

Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition is 24gb.

I raise with Star Wars The Force Unleashed....30GB.
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Bought it first day.....though that shouldn;t be a surprise considering I bought Arcana Heart 3 on PS3 day one before PSN went down.

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Btw, the Hate can suck on it...
Nice to see you still around Matt Kessler.

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@LordAndrew said:
" @rolvtd said:
" @Gizmo said:
" The art style instantly makes me less interested in the game. "
Why does that sound so familiar?   Oh yeah, I heard the exact same things after Disgaea was released...  Too bad that game never went anywhere, eh? "

Did he ever say it won't "go anywhere"?  

Nope.  Neither did I.

Do you even know if Gizmo likes Disgaea? I don't know if he does, I've never seen him say anything about it. 

As you said yourself, it doesn't matter in the context of the conversation

 I haven't looked in depth, but I don't think I need to do that to make my point. He's just giving his own personal opinion. If he doesn't like the art style, he doesn't like it. No other games and no other people matter in this case. "

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
Anyway, back on topic, on average how hard have people found the game?  While the action/rpg elements have been relatively easy, I have found the mercantile sections, especially the steadily rising debt payments to be extremely challenging.  I have based all of the  goods in my shop  from the dungeons and have found it difficult to keep up.   Are people selling more goods from the market/guild?  Are you doing a good mixture of both?  I'd really like to hear how people have approached the game.
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