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That number is messed up on most pages. Not sure why.

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@Astras: Maybe I do have it wrong, but I was basing some of that off of your earlier post (I don't want to mess around with quoting from different pages of the thread, so I'll just copy/paste it): 
 @Astras: " Nope it was the square enix one that was moved:   

 This is a note to let you know that your topic: 

Are Square-Enix just Stupid or retarded?

has been moved from the General Discussion forum to the Square Enix forum     " 
So maybe it was a typo or something.
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I checked after reading your post to see if the vanguard class was even in the original and it was, but I thought I remember the vanguard class being something they were really pushing in the sequel in trailers and other ads. Why did they make such a big deal about it when it had already been in the first game? Sorry for jacking your thread, but I'm just curious. My favorite would have to be the soldier, which is the only one I've played 'cause I like shootin' stuff, so I can't really help you out.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
But really, what JJW said. I just like this response better because it's hilarious, and if it were true that would mean a continuation of the occasional Dave QL or Bombcast.
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Never in my life. Perhaps one day though...

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@mracoon said:
" @Astras:  Yes and so was the E3 thread: 

This is a note to let you know that your topic:

Stupid game names at E3

has been moved from the General Discussion forum to the E3 2010 forum by mracoon.  

  I still don't see the problem. "
Yeah, me either. At first I was on Astras side because he made it sound like the thread about Square was moved into the E3 forum. As I read more and more of this thread, the picture became clear; A thread about E3 games was rightly put into the E3 forum, and a thread about Square was rightly put into the Square forum. Astras, if you want things to stay in the General Discussion forum, then the topic should be general, not specifically about one company or event.
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I agree. Partly because I want to try it out with a game that I'll actually end up buying so I can get the achievements permanently. Not saying the demo sucked, but it just wasn't doin' it for me despite my fondness of the original.

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@OllyOxenFree said:
" @Arkthemaniac said:
" @ProfessorEss said:
" @Arkthemaniac said:

Well, those are all games. "

So you're sayin it's that one cartoon that makes you hate them?  If you want me to me to break this down I can break this down? I'm pretty sure a quick IMDB search will create a pretty crazy and embarassing list. "
It's that combined with the fact that Microsoft is using Rare in a very shitty fashion in my eyes. Maybe it's also because I thought Viva Pinata was retarded. "

You win.
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I feel like I want to a lot of times, but I never really find a good way to set it up. That, and then I can't really pay attention to more than one thing that well, so it wouldn't work that great anyway.

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I'm about 99.9% sure that you can't, but I've been wrong before. 
EDIT: 100% sure now; from the wiki: "The storefront feature is not available to Xbox Live Silver members."