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I feel like I want to a lot of times, but I never really find a good way to set it up. That, and then I can't really pay attention to more than one thing that well, so it wouldn't work that great anyway.

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I'm about 99.9% sure that you can't, but I've been wrong before. 
EDIT: 100% sure now; from the wiki: "The storefront feature is not available to Xbox Live Silver members."

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Don't have mine yet, but my guess is that it will be touching it to turn it on for the first time, hopping back from it when it makes the beep noise, and then giggling like a little school girl.

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Just take a trip to the GB offices, wait until everyone leaves for the night, sneak in, and change it. Simple as can be. 
God, sometimes people don't think before making spam topics about things that can be so easily solved :P

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I'd like the old bottom bar over anything at the top, but only if Chrome wasn't so annoying with the status bar that pops up at the bottom. As for the top designs though, I'm guess I'm kinda alright with the current one. At first I thought it looked out of place, mostly because of the level font, but I guess it's fine. Your design does look a little better spacing-wise. Cleaned up a little bit, I think you might have something there.

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My little sister (12 yrs old) wanted to play some games, and she's alright at them, but nowhere near my skill level. That's to be expected because I play way more games than her, but I needed a way to level the playing field so we could both have a little fun. I hate not trying when I'm playing against someone and letting them win, because I don't have fun. But when I play normally, they get frustrated. So during a game of split-screen MW2, she suggested that I only use melee and she can use whatever she wants. Before that, I was winning every game by a ton of kills, but when we gave the new method a shot, it almost evened it out and we both had fun. Anyone else ever make up little handicaps like that? Ones that aren't built into the game?

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Probably just over 100 at any given time because I only keep the best of the best, and even of those, I only usually end up listening to the same group of ~12. It's kinda weird, but I'm really picky about everything I do, so music just goes along with it.

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I only listen to the Bombcast and Destructoid's Podtoid, but they haven't done a Podtoid in over a month, I think. It's a real bummer. But I get my share of non-audio Nicholson here at Giant Bomb now, so everything's just fine.

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Someone is trying to complete a quest!