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Today I did get an email from that reads as follows:

Dear ...

All of the items from order #17438 have now been shipped:

1x PayPal - Whiskey Media Yearly Membership - 2011/2012 Tee / Large

They are being shipped to the following address:

And here follows an adress I stopped living at about two years ago.

So I did get this tshirt as part of an old Paypal membership back in day and it was sent to this old address but the email I am writing of was sent today.

No comprendo.

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Wing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom always resonated with me.

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Is it worth it? The original Chivalry was decent and fun but the hit detection and class balance was flawed.Does the DLC improve upon the concept ?

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Frog Fractions

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I cannot fathom why Konami would do this. Hayters paycheck too high?

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Looks decent. Textures look a bit mushy and repetitive though, especially in the second row. And it looks quite a bit Alan Wake-ish but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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How about "no one"? Every single generation there has been the same topic and people doomsaying left and right. "Many are saying" What "many"? Your friendly neighborhood soothsayer? You will find this "many" proclaiming any thing you want on the internet including but not limited to the claim that people are being tinned in underground factories to get rid of overpopulation.

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@byterunner: Was thinking about the Myst/Riven and Gabriel Knight LPs by Dilandau3000 but will check HCBailly out, thanks for the tip!

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Nothing of the above is important. I want a perfect 100% walkthrough from a guy who knows the game and its lore and, optionally, development trivia and/or other nice to know stuff and comments on it in a natural and informative way.