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As PC Gamer notes, an image in the teaser email has the filename "ShadowRealms_Teaser_video.jpg." and that's not the first time the name's popped up tied to EA. In February the company filed a trademark for it, and in March it registered a ton of domains including the name, such as "," "" and "" - a free-to-play MMO is the obvious leap to make.

So yeah.

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@exfate said:

Dragon Quest VIII.

This is true. Several JRPGs have this because they were localized for Europe first.

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Looks like very calculated nonsense cooked up by ad agency people.

Meanwhile the actual game is about magic future samurai or something.

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Timothy Blood and Brian Strange are great lawyer names.

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Much as I like Zelda music, I don't find that my adventures in internet browsing/lying down ever call for Zelda music.

Same goes for almost all original game soundtracks.

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All these codes gave me a "this code has already been used" message, but somehow the beta did eventually end up in my PS4 Library.

So theoretically 2 of them should work, but I have no idea. If you get the same error I did, check your Library for the beta to make sure.

PlayStation 4 codes:


L5H8-BD(Dave S*ider)P-RKRR


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Soulsplit is just a RuneScape private server, so it doesn't seem to warrant a separate page. Either way, private servers are apparently illegal/super grey-area because they use RuneScape code without permission.

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Basically, the more mustard is in a mustard, the worse it is. Culminating in the absolute hate crime of spicy/brown mustard.

Yellow mustard can be a pleasant ingredient in barbecue sauce (Carl's Jr does this) and can be tolerated as a condiment in some cases. Much like mayo, it's best when you can't tell it's there.

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@ntm said:

It's unfortunate Ian Holm isn't reprising his role though, I wonder if he just couldn't due to scheduling, or simply didn't want to.

Lord of the Rings alumni don't come cheap, I imagine. Not cheap enough to make room for Sigourney Weaver, anyway.