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2009. But let's count this as Episode 0, because it's right at the end but almost gives the edge to 2008.

I still like the podcast but those first 3 years were like the 1927 Yankees of podcasting. There was a time when almost every episode had an amazing segment.

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I shouldn't like to.

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Drop-in co-op could be an excellent addition to the game. As I remember from Skyrim's release, a lot of players want to show others the silly shit they are doing in their own universe. If there was also deeper house customization and other ways to make noticeable changes to the world, it could be almost like visiting someone's town in Animal Crossing.

Yes, it is perfectly reasonable to assume if they ever launched a multiplayer component, it would be a dumpster fire for months. But maybe this question is about what people would like to have in the game, not what Bethesda should try to do. (they will try to do it regardless of what anyone says on the internet)

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Old King Allant is harder than the entire Valley of Defilement.

(Still, the giant club guys will wreck your shit. 2-handing is a good idea because they don't care about most/any shields. Warding also helps.)

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Once you start playing, I recommend the Wikidot sites for both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. They have good level maps.

Don't agonize about spoilers. Just stay away from pages that are clearly about something you haven't seen, like bosses. Info from outside sources is almost never the primary tool you need for making progress/not dying.

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Who's to say everyone that reacted badly to the criticism last time was part of the Giant Bomb community?

You don't have to own a Giant Bomb t-shirt or have 10000 wiki points to be a prick on Twitter, I don't think.

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@crembaw: I think the logic might be "We want people to give us/our Russian gangster clients hundreds of dollars in easily-laundered Internet currency."

I think they might be vastly overestimating how attached people are to their game saves, of all things.

They're not expecting everyone to pay them, of course. That's why the ransom is so high, because then they only need a few "whales" who are in the 90th percentile of gullibility/being a crazy person. The same users who, conveniently, are the most likely to get malware.

Plus, it sounds like they already encrypt lots of other data on your computer that may be actually important. By targeting games, they are now just casting the net a bit wider.

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@crembaw: I think the logic might be "We want people to give us/our Russian gangster clients hundreds of dollars in easily-laundered Internet currency."

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