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I truly find it hard to believe anybody could beat the Giant Bomb guys, but I've been listening since I was like eleven years old on Gamespot so they're kind of intrinsically linked into my life weird as that is. That being said, I really hope that Patrick ends up hosting a podcast at Kotaku. Though he was at times an awkward host on Bombin' in the A.M, the guy has better knowledge about the goings-on in the industry than anybody on Giant Bomb, and really is good at covering stuff from an all-angles approach.

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I'm gonna sink into a deep hole and destroy my entire life because of fucking Bloodborne and I only wish that I could do it faster.

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Everything I've wanted to say has already been said in this thread, but it's not like they said they said they're neglecting gameplay, they merely said they were prioritizing story. This is fine, games spend so much time adding unique hooks to gameplay and evolving it that I get excited when I get to see the medium evolve in ways that are more interesting to me, namely, narrative delivery. People have already invited The Last of Us as a comparison, a game that clearly values presentation and story over gameplay. Last of Us still has really tight, enjoyable gameplay, but every part of it is cherry-picked from other titles. There is nothing wrong with putting efforts into story and presentation as long as the gameplay isn't abysmal and serves the narrative.

P.S: Doesn't "Presentation" sound so much better than "Visuals"?

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Hey guys, I already posted in here but I figured I'd come in here to say that I'm gonna run Vault of Glass tonight with a friend of mine. I'd much prefer the company of GB duders to randoms off Destiny LFG, so if you guys want to come along my PSN name is Kirbykrumper, just shoot me a friend request and I'll accept. I've ran the raid twice now, and I have a pretty firm grip on how the structure of it plays out but there's still much to learn. Level 28 Hunter.

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I can't believe this thread. As someone who smokes weed regularly I am genuinely offended that the majority of you guys would just throw my ass in jail instead of confronting me about maybe doing something about the smell. I genuinely don't understand why it's illegal while alcohol is legal, I don't even touch alcohol because it's uncomfortable for me to feel like I'm not in control of my own mental state and motor skills. Maybe I come from a rougher town than y'all but I see people lighting blunts up walking on the street regularly

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@feanor: word of advice, edibles take like 1-3 hours to kick in so don't think it's not working and take too many or you might end up spending a near-eternity on what feels like the gap between reality and death.

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All these people condemning NARCing under the philosophy that since it's illegal, it's completely justified to get some guy evicted and/or arrested. I used to live in a college town with this problem, just post a notice up in the elevator or main door, it will solve the problem.

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The real question I suppose, is do you guys think that the tank controls add any significant difficulty to the game that is part of the experience? To me it seems that the alternate controls make the game significantly easier, which might detract from the sort of horror experience the game was intended as. I'm not against the tank controls, I'm used to conquering obtuse control schemes (the Dark Souls series ranks in my top 5 games of all time)

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I have a confession; I have never played the original Resident Evil in any form. I have a further confession; I have not played any Resident Evil game that was released before RE4. My question is simple; for a first time player, what is the preferred way to experience the game? I've read in reviews the alternate controls actually improve the experience, but if the hardcore RE community believes the oldschool tank controls add to the experience, I'm willing to run it that way. I've already played the first hour with tank controls, and while disorienting, I believe I can probably handle it. I would just like to poll the general audience here to see what controls ya'll prefer, I don't want to feel like I'm missing out on anything