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I got destiny and a ps4 for Christmas this shit sucks. At least they are probably gonna give away some free shit to compensate

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@deathbywaffle: when that song came out I was going to a lot of frat parties at the time and guaranteed they would always play swimming pools.

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I've been saving Yakuza 4 for a long time because I was depressed it was the last Yakuza game I would get to play.

This shit is literally so exciting to me.

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Kazuma Kiryu is literally the most positive video game character to ever exist. Sure he is a Yakuza, but he never actually kills anybody. People just happen to die around him in coincidental ways when he's done fighting them or someone else kills them. Most of his time is spent finding lost cats, talking people out of suicide, and helping the elderly off the street and shit. He's a role model to us all and a true hero. I think in one of the games he fistfights a lion and wins.

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A lot of people payed for Zone of The Enders to play Metal Gear Solid 2 demo (I'm kind of kidding ZOE is ok).

don't forget that a lot of people paid twenty dollars for MGS: Ground Zeroes

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I can't believe so many people are expressing that they wish this wasn't posted as news. Why do you want to just turn a blind eye to this shit, how much will it take to convince you guys this is actually a problem to be acknowledged. It baffles me that so many just want to misinform themselves.

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I'm always down for some god damn competish, my friend code is 3368-3412-8105 I'll add everyone on here.

I'll play anything but I vastly prefer stock matches

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I got Loki, it's nice to finally have someone to play with besides The Punisher and his constant cloning seems like a lot of ridiculous fun.

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If you don't say Dark Souls 2 you didn't play Dark Souls 2

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@hailinel said:

@example1013 said:

@hailinel said:

@example1013 said:

considering one of them isn't real, I don't understand how this is a question

The benefit to Miku not being real is that unlike Bieber, she won't make a public mockery of herself with immature antics, burn out, become a drug addict, or suffer any other number of indignities that have derailed or ruined pop stars and their careers. She's more of a vehicle through which songwriters and musicians are able to express themselves through a shared character. While a young and popular starlet may eventually grow into a self-destructed has-been, Miku will always be Miku.

So once again, as you've outlined very clearly, not a real person.

And your point would be, then?

Maybe we can replace all people with machines and then nobody would be flawed.