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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: but these cheap traps are also counteracted by notes and bloodstains which no one ever seems to talk about when complaining about this stuff.

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@kishinfoulux: you're really generalizing souls players. I suppose that's just how all scrubs are...

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@kishinfoulux: the souls fan base is awesome. The "git Gud" thing usually is in a response for someone complaining about game mechanics that are very much deliberate choices and attributing them to "artificial difficulty". Souls isn't here to cater to how you like to game, you have to play by its rules. As for the specific complaint in the OP here, the character movement being off has really never even crossed my mind.

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Going to the midnight release at gamestop was interesting as I was the only person there who seemed to be a hardcore souls fan (I use that term loosely, but I have beaten the past three games). Conversing with them it seems like a lot of them were under the impression that this was supposed to be easier and a good entry point to new players.

If you're going to start playing souls, my recommendation is still to start with Dark Souls over Bloodborne. Bloodborne is really hard, it took me a good five hours just to get wired into its combat system and be effective.

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The Order was a terrible, terrible, terrible game that we should all forget about now that Bloodborne is out

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My tip is get used to partying with the gun early. The bigger, intimidating enemies become much, MUCH easier if you successfully parry the fuck out of them

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Why are you all praying that I lose my one reason for dropping money on a ps4 :,(

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@fredchuckdave: yeah everybody wants to think they'd act tough til the gun is In your face

I've been mugged twice, the second time I had my longboard with me and was able to get away. The first time I was in the seventh grade and the motherfucker had a gun

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On the flip side of this I've seen an entire fraternity house line up four TVs and play dark souls 2 when it came out passing the controller around like a party game

The complaints that this is only a series for hardcore masochists is incorrect. It actually works surprisingly well as a pass-and-play game with friends, and I never found myself personally getting overly frustrated with anything.

The OP is one of the very few people I've seen that seems to have put a lot of time into the series and has a lot of overbearingly negative things to say