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@sniperxan: w00t! It gets a bazillion out of ten in the "well, I've never done THAT in a game before" category.

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@FirebirdINF: Actually, there WERE already cities in America... just saying.

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Columns is a better game than Tetris.

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yes, Borderlands was not terribly engaging for solo play, true. But it was sometfourhing special. It was an entirely new type of experience. Felt abot it a lot like I felt about Left four Dead. Do not knock it because it was not for you.

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Yeah, the internet is full of dicks, but I can usually avoid getting banned by following the social conventions of whatever site I am on.  I am at GB because it is awesome, not bacause it is the only option I have because I am a social retard. The fact that I can write the words Fuck or shit or dickwagon is just kind of a bonus.
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great article. Man, there are a lot of cynnical bastards in the giantbomb community. Calm down, fellow users. 

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train wreck, huh... tell me one forum on the internet that is not a train wreck

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Um... yeah... sexy ladies exist in Anime.  I think the criticism is a little bit narrow-minded.  Some things just happen to be an aspect of a medium.
To be fair, though, Screened and GB tend to avoid those topics directly, usually dealing with them in a humorous fashion, not that they should take them head on.
I guess I am saying, chill, dude, you can handle an ad on the bottom of the page.
Also, GregD, I don't care about your porno habits.  Chill out with that on Giant Bomb.

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Grim Fandango was a good call in going with the title (best game without a sequel).  Doesn't need a direct sequel, but another game taking place in the land of the dead is awesome.  Also... yeah telltale should look into it... didn't even cross my mind until you mentioned it but capital YES.

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Skeptical, but a different kinect approach... So... 50/50 shot on the gameplay... Twisted Pixel may figure it out.   Watched the trailer and got excited when the article mentioned Rez.
But good character design.  And Marionettes... who doesn't love some string puppets?