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Actually, they got two patches and a hot fix that fixes the battle issue in the last patch.  Come on Matt, get the facts right!  I believe it only affected archers so not exactly a huge bug as I've yet to see archers in my game. 
I must admit I was surprised at the cost of the game.  I was expecting $20 to help entice people on the fence.   
I do believe that the AI needs more work as I seen one where the AI was just sitting next to his town.  Didn't even bother to get the free loot that was a couple spots away from him.  I also think that if you are gold poor and someone you at war with has a large amount of gold, you can't afford to make peace with them.  I don't know if you can research something about that but I don't care for it.
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Man, its pricey. 
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Really a bad quest set for a majority of users.  I don't care to be popular to the point where people are posting dumb crap on my 'wall'.  How about a quest set that don't require spam, the f5 key, or high school popularity contests?
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I don't see how they couldn't after places gave God of War 3 a perfect score.
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Moooooooooo!  Hows that milking coming along?  Moooooooooooooooooooo!

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This series still around?  I thought it quickly died after the second one came out.

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Stupid.  They went and fixed it in a DLC for 3 so why do this crap again?
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Yup, I'm not shocked at all that the AI 'cheated' you.  Then again no surprise that they did a great play to beat you. 
I don't know if you noticed, but I've seen my own AI players stop covering a WR who goes on to make a catch.  I like to do rush defense and QB chasing so I don't normally play the passing defense guys..... but since the AI likes to cheat there too, I don't know wtf I'm going to do.  Swear I'm spending more time in instant replay these days then I did the past 8 years of Madden combined.  If I could easily capture video, I would make videos of how bad it is.
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Not the $200 sku I'm waiting for.