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I... really want to like this game. I LOVED Bastion, in fact it was one of my favorite games of the previous generation, but the combination of over-narration and ok implementation of something Vagrant Story did much better makes me really sad about playing this game.

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I was ready to be really annoyed, but that was pretty great. Also:

If you wanted to take it one step further, make your FF endurance bar reflect your actual stamina. :D

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I fucking love this show. Might be one of my favorite season finales in a long, long time. Well, any use of 2 Live Crew is bound to work for me.

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Already pre-ordered, can't wait for the 20th.

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Don't forget sitting in an alcove and shooting the Chariot until he can't make the leap over the pit in the arena.

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@me3639 said:

I know Path of Exile isnt an MMO but i like the 15-20 minute they allot for respawns.

I'd like to add that it's also great because, if you want to replay a specific mob or map for whatever reason, you can create an entirely new instance without waiting.

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@bacongames said:
@alexandersheen said:

Why is the Bomb looking up on that picture while the original is looking straight forward?

Whoa, what's that about?!?!?! I totally didn't catch that myself.

If I'm remembering correctly, and my memory is garbage, that is a pretty old version of the site logo.

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@hassun: yeah spices need a massive overhaul, but PvP isn't (nor do I think it should really be) From's focus. I'd rather a SM reworking to make anything but the arena - the chugginest place around - valid for specific SL builds

Also just learned that roll parrying works just as well as backstep parry. A+ job on that one, From.

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I agree with a few things (such as phantom hitboxes being really bad in this entry) but overall don't really give a shit about most of these.

All I know is that spices are really, really, *really* good in PvP. It requires almost no build constraints for sl 150 and below builds. I say this having spiced both Resonant Weapon and GRS into 10 int - combine RW with a dark weapon and it's just a bull in a china shop, especially with wakeup games + GRS baits.

Then I get to someone who knows what they're doing and my gimmicks fall into nebulous nothings. Or my SM got too high and it's a sl500 havel monster, to which I just hope the arena gives me the bridge so I can push them off.

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I have nothing between today and next Tuesday, so I burned 8 hours playing alongside four goofballs I play other games with. It's just a great port, from what I can tell based on no experience with the console version. 360 pad seems fine after a weird hitch at the start, 60fps constantly, and looks pretty good considering that it was a 360/ps3 game.