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@tennmuerti: Everything you've said makes me very happy. I wasn't particularly fond of the OC's story (Me and other GM friends have written better told tabletop stories) but I really hated the ending of the whole thing. Hopefully my decker character won't be a paper-weight in 90% of the story like last time.

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@development: I really hope the city of Yharnam is the main hub, kind of like a sprawling Firelink/massive Nexus where you have to take distinct paths to the separate "areas" that exist as logical extensions of the Gothic environment. Then it would feel like this city is the main environment without turning into icy tundra and other weird shit. I like weird shit, but man it'd be so fucking cool to be able to explore the back alleys of that city. Even calling the werewolf a "Cleric beast" gives me high hopes for where they're going with this game's vibe.

@pyrodactyl: y'know, I was thinking that too but in the end I'm okay with that if the game is still really good. There are plenty of upcoming RPG's nowadays that I feel like I don't have to worry about that. I'm ready to enjoy this game as a stupid action game if the setting, sound design, and tone remains this dour throughout.

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I suppose what I'm most curious about is what else is there to this world other than a Gothic city. It seems less fantastical than the previous games, at least in terms of setting, so it doesn't seem like we would get a Lost Izalith or Dragon Aerie type of environment in this game.

I'm already guessing that a prison-style setting, Gothic cathedrals, and catacombs are definitely possible. Maybe a forest, or an outskirt to some dilapidated village.

God, there are so many cool places this game can take place. I need to stop thinking about it.

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Dynamic "parry" timings, or at least what looks to be relatively dynamic, and the blood system seem like really cool ways to spice up the combat and make it less chug-friendly shield blocking style. Above all else, the gothic horror vibe (and the TOTAL darkness of the one building they enter in the demo) make me super excited to pick this up. This is going to get me to buy a PS4 without a doubt.

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Watching the Vice News stream and have seen, on two separate occasions, two different officers level rifles at people who are peacefully protesting. I really have no idea what the fuck is happening here.

Edit: Flashbangs, tear gas, smoke, and (alleged) gunfire in response to a thrown plastic bottle. Both sides made a massive mistake there. Journalist hit in leg by (what he thinks was) a rubber bullet as well, completely askance from the protests. Very likely was a ricochet.

Edit2: Someone was fired on, and media was forced away. So far seems to be return fire from the police, and it was live fire (from both sides? Unsure). Escalation from unlawful protest (debatable) to smoke and flash, then gunshots.

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With the good comes the bad, but splitting up users sounds like a messy idea, even if *your* idea is to create topics purely for discussion of premium content... which is what those comment sections exist for.

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I have no idea what the actual statements here are, mostly because they sound like you don't like something, know that they're not for you, and don't really want to carve out the time to understand them in order to like them....


Okay? There are plenty of other games in the world. Go play those. I really don't get this thread at all, especially saying that "more fun games" should exist. Who are you tell me what's fun and what isn't? Its fine that you don't like these games, but threads like these make people sound like they don't want to take an extra 14 seconds to scroll the Steam New Releases tab to look for games they actually like and want to play.

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This is awesome! You're awesome! Video games are awesome!

@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

@mrmooear This is the one. It has to be.

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You guys don't understand, they're just better at enjoying horror than you are. Maybe if you l2watch you can enjoy horror as good as they do.

You don't get it, old man. Our time is now.

Jump Scare.

Sometimes it is just a jump. When your brother sneaks up and pokes you on the shoulder while you're folding clothes and you turn around mad fast and back hand slap him, it's because you were surprised, not scared.

Sometimes it is the real deal. Jump and Scare. For me, Psycho still is a perfect example of that. Yes, you are surprised by the suddenness of the action (the sound goes a long way too). But what is happening is also disturbing.

So for me sometimes I do think we call a movie/game scary when we really mean surprising, but just as often there is more to the jump than surprise.

This is my real issue with Jumps. In games, most of the time it makes me feel like the protagonist of a horror game didn't realize it was his birthday and accidentally fell into a purgatory of infinitely looping surprise parties. Monsters in games make this even more egregious, partially because of the old horror trope of showing the threat way too early - there's not enough suspense in most horror game writing to allow for this anyways, so it eventually devolves into a shootfest and whatever fear I had before is gone instantly.

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Dark Souls 2 is only better than the first in PvP, and even then only marginally.

And Demon's Souls is better than both.

Yep. Nothing will beat that first run through Demon's.