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@dyong said:
" "The blacksmith can repair items." Holy smokes, how can anyone upon hearing that, not get even more excited for this game?  Hi J. Wilson, please never narrate ever again. "
That's not all he said, just the first part of his sentence.   
J. Wilson, continue with your Diablo 3 narration.  I haven't been let down so far.
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Somewhat busier than usual in here today. :P
Anyway, if there is no way to build epic dong masterpieces, then I'm out.

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It had to be Super Mario Bros.  Before then, I didn't really know what a video game was, since I was only five.  
Of course, Star Fox taught me the word methodically.

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Why does Kotaku need to be mentioned in this article at all? 
Anyway, good change.

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There were 6 games on this Top 5 and 4 games on Ryan's Top 5.

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@Kazona said:

" Let me get this straight. They won't add a graphic standard that has been around for years, and just about everyone can use, yet they are going to use 3-D, something only a handful of people have the capability to use?   I know 3D is the big new thing nowadays, but to completely neglect a thing as anti-aliasing seems pretty lazy to me. "

SC2 uses deferred shading, which makes the inclusion of AA non-trivial and not entirely accurate.
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Does it really matter all that much?  They don't review every game and I think the Quick Look is good enough that it'll give you a feel for the game by watching it.  Certainly not important enough to warrant creating weird conspiracy theories around it.  Let's be level-headed at least.

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Super Metroid.  It is the Best Game™ 

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I love the 250gb hard drive.  Not worth upgrading my Elite just quite yet though.