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You do realize it's extremely difficult to implement co-op in a deep, open world game like this right? As in it's rarely done. RPGs that are based around co-op or feature it are usually more of the dungeon crawler variety. Open world games that have co-op are usually action games like Saints Row that have much less going on mechanically. That's why they didn't do it probably. And ultimately, in working around this problem, they seem to have developed a very interesting system that hits some of the notes that co-op RPGs do while having unique mechanics unlike other games.

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From what I have seen its a massive world with deep systems. Not every game needs multiplayer or co op.

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Also, why does every game need to have multiplayer?

I completely agree that not every game needs it. It just seems really bizarre to set up what is essentially a co-op system, and then not actually have it. Everything else I've seen of this game looks awesome, I just find this an odd design choice.

As I say above, I see it much less of a "design choice" and more of a working around limitations.

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It's not that buggy. In fact I can't even think of any when I played through it a couple years ago.

Me either. I just didn't find the game that compelling outside of the creature itself so I got bored fast.

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IGN gave this game a 2.5 and said it was basically totally broken and in an early alpha state. The issues the reviewer faced sounded tremendously bad. So I'm not surprised.

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I am totally with you. I am buying this game because it does look fun, but I feel compelled to just to support the Tactical RPG genre. I would love a game that was a bit more hardcore in some ways, building off Jagged Alliance and Silent Storm, but X-Com still looks great and like it'll have a good amount of depth. Their replacement of the AP system I personally don't find too offensive and it could actually end up being something I like better. I do get really bored in say Jagged Alliance 2 when I can't see any enemies and my guys still take forever to move around the damn map.

There is so much that could be done with this genre. It's a shame it is so ignored. I hope in this new world of Kickstarter and indie game projects we can see some new entries in the genre.

I also feel compelled to point out the game Xenonauts, which is an indie project that is a spiritual successor to X-Com and is much more traditional in appearance and in game systems to the original X-Com. Definitely check it out.

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The song was pretty decent, specially the sample from chrono trigger, then the song got rick ross'd........

Rick Ross............ I have never been more unimpressed with a talentless rapper before.

Wiz should just stay away from that "thing", that fat piece of shit can slowly and painfully siphon any talent from anyone he collaborates with.

I rather listen to Vanilla Ice or the most generic auto-tone rap than that piece of shit. Okay, I'll be real he isn't as bad as V-Nasty, but that's pretty close to scraping the bottom of the barrel.

lol well damn. I don't think I would put it as harsh as that, but I agree. I can't stand Rick Ross and I honestly don't understand what the fuck makes him so popular, but to each his own and all that shit.

I don't like Rick Ross as a rapper but in his defense I will say I think he has good taste in Hip-Hop at least. He collaborates with some talented people and especially in production he has good taste in the producers he chooses for his mix tapes or albums.

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/lowers head in shame I should watch more MTV 3 through 57 I guess?

No Rick Rubin is a great I just could never see him working with Wiz Khalifa or sampling Chrono Trigger. And I hate MTV too.

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"This mainstream"? I've only ever heard of the (in)famous Rick Ross. But yes, that's absolutely the song.

If you've heard Rick Ross I'd have to believe you've heard "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa. But yeah he's pretty big.

Well I'm a dumbass. I read Rick Ross and thought Rick Rubin. I think I did that last time I came across something featuring Rick Ross too. One of these days I'll learn.
I looked at this thread again and that post just made me laugh... Oh dear....

I did laugh but I had to read it a few times.

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"This mainstream"? I've only ever heard of the (in)famous Rick Ross. But yes, that's absolutely the song.

If you've heard Rick Ross I'd have to believe you've heard "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa. But yeah he's pretty big.

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And he sampled Chrono Trigger on the first Never Been song too.

Ah. I really liked that mix tape but I haven't heard it in a while. Before I watched the Endurance Run in fact so that makes sense why I didn't realize that.

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Wow, people actually saying EA is their favorite video game publishing company?

People sure are drinking the milk quite a lot these days. I really feel bad for those people. I just really feel bad for them.

You feel bad for them because they enjoy EA's games?