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Someone on the PA forums put up an interesting Google Doc showing the sellout dates for each PAX since 2009. The first PAX I went to was in 2010 and took almost five months to sell out. This year's PAX East took a few days shy of that, 143 days. This year's PAX Prime: 6 hours.

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@youngfrey: I'm sure it would be a bittersweet decision to leave their home city. PAX and Seattle are just one of those things that go together great. Unfortunately, no matter how many days you add to the show, or how many alternate PAXes you add around the world, PAX Prime will always be The PAX, and it will always be the most popular. If someone wants to go to a PAX, and they can only go to one, if they're not near Boston/Melbourne, or if they just want to go to the show of shows, they will choose PAX Prime. Ah well, I'm glad I got my passes and I'll hope that now there are four days they'll somehow make sure the Giant Bomb panel and the good concert night aren't going on simultaneously as usual.

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The PAX Prime location is way better than PAX East, but that convention center in Boston is amazing. Prime should really move to Moscone Center in SF. They'd be able to hold more people than Boston and Prime almost combined. I know that Seattle is their home, and I love the city of Seattle, but this event is growing way beyond the WSCC, and there aren't any better options there.

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Wonder how many times that "Report this project to Kickstarter" button has been clicked on.

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Soooo question about choosing a broach for Elizabeth. I chose the bird. This seems to have no impact whatsoever on anything, however after watching the ending twice more, I noticed that during the second time you're on the boat going to the lighthouse, her broach is suddenly the cage, yet I hadn't seen this change at all during any other moments. Think anything is up with this or just a bug?

For the folks that are looking for the connections to Rapture, like Elizabeth and the Little Sisters, Songbird and Big Daddies, etc., it made way more sense when I watched the ending again. When they are leaving Rapture, all the lighthouses are only Rapture lighthouses. Elizabeth explains that there are infinite worlds, but all similar, and always a lighthouse, a man, and a city. When they walk through the door there, the next area has only Columbia lighthouses. Only when she refers to the infinite Columbias does she say there are multiple versions of them.

Did it ever explain the part where there was a time delay after the Songbird takes back Elizabeth? That's the only part that has me left hanging still.

It's just one of those time travel tropes. Elizabeth was able to open a tear for Booker, but what was minutes to him was months for Elizabeth.

Also, I can't be the only one who, every time they heard the name Booker, a voice in his head said "Can you dig it...sucka!?"

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Just finished the game. Everything I was hoping for and more. It's going to be difficult to top this for my personal game of the year.

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Think I'm about to do it. I have one of those $15 upgrade codes. I only use my PC for gaming, so it probably serves no purpose to do so, but what the hell?

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Heads up to anyone considering that Xbox bundle, Forza 4 only comes with the first disc. If you want the rest of the cars that were on the second disc it's 1200 points.

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Going, from Houston. Went to the first in 2010 so I haven't been to the new place yet. I found East more lacking than Prime but hopefully it's a bit more on par this time around.

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I was hoping someone would have an answer similar to mine so I wouldn't feel crazy, but I guess not. I go to sleep at 8am, wake up at 4pm. I work from 5pm to 2am, then I'm home from 2am (I work across the street, so no real commute) til 8am, and repeat. To be fair everyone else I work with goes to bed as soon as they get home and wakes up at 10am, but I really don't understand that. That's like someone who works 9am-5pm waking up for work at 2am.