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Marcus Beers on neogaf

He's concerned with the lack of access to PS4.

All I care about are launch day live streams and quick looks forever.

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@d_mac: Also work in TV. My schedule is 4pm-1am Thr-Mon. I've never had a "normal" 9-5 Mon-Fri in my life. Speaking of disasters, I worked 52 hours within 3 days, sleeping at work, during a hurricane a couple years ago. Television is glamorous...

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PC at least. I'm a big fan of all things Uncle Scrooge, so possibly more, for no good reason.

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Top Xbox One feature: The ability to play games that start with "Forza."

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I really want to watch this because I've been wondering if there has been a speed run of Rogue Legacy, but I also don't want to spoil the final boss. Very much enjoying this game. It'll probably be my pick of the year.

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It's kind of a bummer this has to go through Greenlight, but hopefully there is enough fan support to make this happen. I'd gladly get this on Steam. Never played it but they certainly deserve some cash for all the entertainment they provided me.

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@deathstriker said:

@kidavenger said:

Giantbomb: cool

Polygon: scam

Gamespot: dull

IGN: old

Gametrailers: who?

Kotaku: paparazzi

Giantbomb is the only site I go to for videogames, it used to be IGN but Giantbomb is really the only site I've ever cared about which is kind of crazy to say.

lol, I'm curious why you think Polygon is a scam. I get someone not liking a site.. but a scam?

They have been at the center of most of the big review score fiascoes that have happened since their site launched (Diablo 3/Sim City/The Last of Us) and they seem to have a strong bias towards Xbox over Playstation. They are the first site I think of whenever the subject of paid reviews comes up.

I think the biggest Polygon controversy has stemmed from the documentary they did on the creation of their site which was funded by Microsoft at a sum of $750,000.

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Brad Maddox special edition. However...

Next gen versions?

...if it's a "big thing" this is about the only thing I could see happening.

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@kkotd said:

This was one of the reasons I couldn't quite understand people saying 'DONT PREORDER YOU IDIOTS!!!!1111!!!'

You can cancel anytime, if you preordered early enough you're going to get it Day 1 and you get the lowest price if you preorder through Amazon. There's literally no risk... Well other than the console malfunctioning day 1, catching fire to your house and giving you lung cancer... But I mean, come on... They've surely worked out all the bugs in this day and age... Wait, what do you mean my PS3 was bricked by a firmware update!?! -throws shit- :P

Absolutely. Some co-workers were reluctant to pre-order and finally I asked them "you do realize you don't pay for it til it ships, right?" Then they all pre-ordered. As for the gift card thing, paying about $55 a week starting in July through the beginning of November would pay off both my pre-orders. Makes it sound more reasonable. Just a little more reasonable, though...

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Seeing some of the responses to this makes me really sad. This is no different than what the PS3 or 360 do now and people are acting like they were betrayed.