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If you're referring to the PSN version of FES that was just released, I don't believe it or any other PS2 game from PSN can read save data from your hard drive in the way that PS1 games downloaded from PSN can. As an example, I had an old save file for Odin Sphere, however the copy I purchased from PSN is unable to see any of those saves, relying on it's own "fake" memory card in the same way that PS1 games on a PSP save games.

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Finished it on PSP a few weeks ago. Really great, probably the best Ys I've played. A nice classic action RPG with a fantastic soundtrack.

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Excellent, this means that at some point this year it will be $5. Sorry I'm so cheap, Big Bo. Someday...

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@Animasta said:

they bought it for the domain

and don't give a shit about will or norm

This times about a million.

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@MrKlorox: Thanks for posting a link to that tool. I played through 1 & 2 on the 360, but am now sans-Xbox and will eventually play 3 on the PC. I've played through the first game 3 times, and wouldn't mind going through it again, but I was really dreading another go at ME2 just for a save file.

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Because it is a mile long...

"Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army"

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I had to work a double shift so all I had time for was a box of vegetarian chicken nuggets by Quorn. Also I got a free pack of animal crackers at work. At least I can say I get great benefits.

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Have about 30 hours into a PS3 copy of Skyrim and haven't had this issue. Hopefully the patch eliminates any problems for those who encounter them.

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I haven't had many issues with Lion. Oh, except one where I turned on file sharing on my iMac and MacBook Air (you know, to share files) and all my permissions on both computers were wiped and unchangeable, all system preferences would reset on reboot, the system thought all attached drives were full, I had to insert a password if I moved a file from one folder to another, Mail wouldn't launch (insert "why would you use Mail anyway?" joke here), system updates were recognized but wouldn't download, and anything requiring an Apple ID wouldn't authenticate. Other than that it's been fine.

Seriously though...other than that it has been fine. This is (obviously) a major issue but all the new additions make for an improved base user experience, especially on my Air. Go beyond the simple user experience (although file sharing should be simple...) and that's where they cut corners. It seems many people over on the Apple forums are experiencing the same problem, so hopefully that file sharing issue will be fixed. So I can turn on file sharing. To share files.

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Didn't see anyone mention it but my guess would be a Dave/Vinny ER of E.Y.E.