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@GioVANNI: True, they're just different styles of speed run that, at least to me, both have their merits. 100% runs obviously take more skill and are more "showy," but I also find the glitches people discover to be equally fascinating. Hard to believe that in the last few weeks new glitches from games like Ocarina of Time and Super Mario Land 2 have been found. SML2 is 20 years old and they're still finding glitches...crazy.

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So if a guy is insane because he beat Dark Souls in an hour, what does 34:30 make this guy?

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I do the same every year. I equate it to people taking off for the NFL/NBA draft.

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Quick version: second angel, landed on Earth, created second impact, ooze from it spread all over and created humans. Good explanation here:

Also at some point I predict someone will come on this thread and say "anime is for jerks." Not saying I agree, just warning you.

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This looks great. Hope they don't completely abandon the hand drawn look of Origins for any future games, but this still has an awesome style. No interest in the Skylanders-esque way of importing characters. Also hope this and another New SMB aren't the only side scrollers on Wii U. Maybe there could be, oh I don't know, a 2D Metroid? That second screen would be super handy for a map and weapon switching...'s nice to want things.

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Nope, but glad you posted this so I can keep an eye on the site. Looks like registration is currently down.

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I'd be willing to help out. I just tried a bit with the Yesterday QL, and while it's certainly not a cinch, it'd be doable with some organization once you knew how many people were willing to volunteer their time. Like how speaking parts would be identified, who is doing which episodes, captioning all game sequences or just critical ones, how overlaps would be handled, etc. Just from a few minutes, I'm not sure if splitting up chunks of one episode would be the best idea, but that'd be your call. Also, just out of curiosity, is this solely something you're looking for with ERs or QLs as well?

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I don't believe you!

(Listens to intro music)

Oh. Well then.

Haven't listened to them for a while but I guess if they're part of the family now, all the reason to start up again!

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Surprised, but glad to know I'm not alone in thinking Mass Effect 2. 1 > 3 > 2 for me.

My actual disappointment, however, is the direction the Castlevania series has gone. I enjoyed Lords of Shadow, and am fine with Konami continuing to attempt 3D Castlevanias, however there is still room for the 2D Metroidvania style games for handhelds and/or digital download services. I suppose I could say the same for the Zelda and Metroid series in that case...

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EA servers are working on PC, if that helps. Maybe something is up with Xbox Live at the moment.