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@Ubersmake: Yeah I know what I'm supposed to do, the thing is that it's just not happening. Pretty annoying.

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@ChadMasterFlash: I've liberated northern NY. I've not yet liberated southern Boston and western NY. No matter how long I run around, no missons show up. And the markers for the Liberations Contracts have dissappeared. Really annoying. Maybe I have to progress further into the story before I'm allowed to have a full roster of assassins? I have four at the moment.

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I'm wondering if it is possbile to liberate all burrows in a city? In both Boston and NY, I've only liberated two thirds of the city, and the mission marker for the third one has dissappeared. Is this Ubisoft's way of saying that there has to be a struggle, or is it just a bug? Thanks for the help.

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Original post was a somewhat lame attempt at meme jpeg. The thread soon became focused on this awesome video thanks to FluxWaveZ and is now featured on the front page of the site.

If you like the video, let Applefrog know.



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@forkboy: Made it that way so it would just seamlessly role into the post. But yeah, I guess the thread title alone is a bit misleading. LISTEN TO THE KILLERS DAMN IT! DAMN IT TO HELL!

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@ToastMan: No, you are correct. Been talk about this for years, but Funcom has been to busy with Age of Conan and The Secret World. Man, I wish just one of their MMO's had been a critical and commercial success. Age of Conan deserves a bigger mention in the history books than it will ever get. A great game. Easy as that.

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Patrick, play The Longest Journet, or you no longer get to have an opinion about games.

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@forkboy: Here I was thinking I'd make a thread about The Killers. Oh well, my bad.

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@Fattony12000 said:


So what exactly is the issue, who is to blame?

The biggest culprit for these spam topics we've noticed are what we have affectionately dubbed 'youtube spammers' who find a random youtube video, embed it into a topic and expect discussion to come from it. When they haven't even bothered to provide adequate original commentary to inspire productive discussion value to their topic.

Generally we consider a topic 'youtube spam' when it consists of an embedded video accompanied by a short comment along the lines of "LOL look what I found guyz, isn't this funny? HAHAHA!" or something similar.

Yes, well. Cool. But that's not what I did, so I don't really understand why you're posting this here? I provided good context, commenting on the likes of Flowers' voice, and the quality of the album. It's a skill to use few words to express your opinion. Sometimes, less is more.

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@MB: Yeah. I know. That's why I asked you to move it