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I've been playing videogames now since I was 8. My first game at that time was Doom. Still I get great flashbacks when I hear the soundtracks of various games that I have on my MP3 player. As my life moved on, games were always a big part of that life. The tension I had during the times I had to face Wesker and his Tyrant on Playstation, the tears that rolled down my cheek when I had to kill THE BOSS on my PS2, the excitement I felt when I walked through Rapture with my XBox360 and the Badassness I endured during the fight with Hades on my PS3. These and many other moments are memories I fondly remember, but for the last 2 months I'm kinda "burned out" on games. When I started my new Job, the first thing ( well actually the first thing I did was getting shitfaced drunk) I did when I received my first paycheck was to buy a big pile of games. Warhammer, Bulletstorm, Alice, Crysis 2, Rage, Conviction and Reckoning were some of those games.

It is the same scenario since then: Start one game, play it for an hour the first time I put it in, play 20 minutes the next day, get bored, let it rest for a week and install a new game, play it for and hour and so on. Now I have 6 unfinished Games on my Harddrive (not to mention the Arcade ones) and no urge to finish them. If you would have told me a year ago that I have an unfiished game in my console I would have played the shit out of that game until it dropped its pants and gave me all it's gamerscore, but these days: no such thing.

Maybe my inner child and its love for games died, maybe it's the stagnation in the industry that killed it. Or maybe I just need a break. Like a break in a longlasting relationship (not that I have any clue about such a thing, I'm a nerd after all ;) where you simply have to take a few steps back to realize what you were having then come back with fresh energy. Maybe it's the weather or the moon. Maybe the games I bought were just aweful.

Maybe I should finish this blog for now. Yeah, sounds like the right thing to do.

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Just playing Undead Nightmare and they fixed the auto-holstering! Woohoo, go Rockstar!

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Dear community,
today we gathered to give a last farewell to an old hero. I am talking about the Dukster. He was never shy with the babes (that's women for those of you not familiar with the slang of the 90's) and saved us and our values more than once from the scum of the universe. But every hero has his time. Duke Nukem died on June 10th after suffering 13 years of the "3dRealms are lazy"-desease. He is survived by his two girlfriends and was laid to rest by Gearbox. Rest in pieces...

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@Evilsbane: The economy and politics. Just the usual.
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@Vortexus1981: Try writing a whole sentence, then we try  this whole conversation thing again. ;)
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Your index finger is already on the A/X Button, remember? I know how to grab a controller but operating A for Sprint, right stick for camera and RT for shooting is simply impossible unless you have an awesome tentacle beard like Davy Jones.
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@SSully: So many buttons... my head hurts.
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Sure you can do that, as long as you don't need to take cover (RB) and shoot your gun (RT). Was your second sentence a masturbation joke?  If so, good one. ;)
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Being the budget gamer that I am, I just came around to play Red Dead Redemption. It is like Rockstar looked into my soul, saw what game i would love and programmed it. But since it is "nit-picking-saturday" I won't go into detail how awesome it is but adress an issue I have with it: The lack of analog. No matter how hard you push the stick you walk. To run you have to tap the A button. While doing so, you have of course no control over the camera which leads to less control over hectic action-sequences, which leads to virtual death, which leads to anger in real life, which leads to broken controllers etc. etc.
I remember when Sony introduced the Dual-Shock 2. It finally brought us out of the dark ages  into a bright and flashy future. Shooters, Plattformer and Racing games alike could be controlled smoothly, everybody was happy and world peace was at hand. But Rockstar and Rocksteady (The creators of awesome Arkham Asylum) simply don't seem to share that opinion. It's like Mercedes Benz would say: "yeah, suspensions make a car better but we are not into that, sorry". 
Anyhow, that's what grinded my gears today. See you soon (maybe in another two years).

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You are brütally awesome. Thanks a bunch.