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@drekly: Just curious, what rental service did you use?

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Please let someone dethrone Dan as the Mario Party victor, and let that someone be Jeff.

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@privodotmenit: CoD's an easy target, so there's going to be a reaction to a supposedly emotional moment done so ham-handedly. I don't think it's a big deal at all, just another sign of how dumb and ADD-afflicted developers think their audience is.

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Press X to pay respects. Press B to jump on the coffin and ride it while Big Boss Man drives away.

I should be sad that I know exactly what you're talking about. Here's the clip for the did the Fed pull some stupid shit during the Attitude Era.

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Hmm... I just assumed it was a joke by the developers because of how out of place it is. It pokes fun at itself and at other games as games become more and more linear and quick timey.

Actually the assumption that the developers honestly thought of it as a thing to be taken serious is somewhat disheartening on Patrick's part.

My thought EXACTLY. How in the world are people not getting this??

I highly doubt this was meant as a joke..CoD isn't exactly known for its meta humor and a military funeral isn't going to be the place to start.

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I just want this to happen, one way or another. Not gonna get my hopes up until there's some concrete news.

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If you separate the warchiefs from the pack, the game becomes pretty easy. Stay in the ramparts, let loose some caragors or morgul (sp) flies and you'll have the minions running. Usually can just wraith stun chiefs then go to work. Most are vulnerable to combat finishers.

Some folks here talked about the brand ability: When do you get it? I'm about 70 percent done w/ the game (14 of 20 main missions complete) and that ability hasn't unlocked yet. Is there a certain main mission I have to finish first?

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@mbradley1992: Bad loss at home against Va Tech hasn't helped the cause. OSU is also playing in a terrible conference, so they're not going to get the benefit of the doubt until they get a big win under their belt - that chance is next week against MSU in East Lansing.

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Yes, big-time pro football, baseball and basketball fan, religiously have been following Cleveland's team since about 1984, often to my sorrow. Graduated from Ohio State, so I'm a Buckeyes football and hoops fan, too. I'll watch the majors in tennis (was at U.S. Open a couple years back, great fun) and have branched out into some rugby and non-American football over the years.

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Both are good, but Fallout 3 has a robust and active mod community that's done some excellent things with the game. Check out Gopher or Sorcerer Dave on YouTube - both of em have LPs with a modded out Fallout 3, and I'm pretty sure Gopher has 'how-to' vids on how to mod the game if you're not familiar.