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Brianna was going to appear on Milo Yiannopoulos', one of the "figureheads" of the hashtage, podcast. While she was answering his questions, he announced that she was not going to appear on the show.

Here is her response to him, and here are the questions that he sent her to answer.

Said before, I'll say it again a million goddamn times, the best thing GamerGate people can do is denounce this Milo dude and realize how much harm he's doing. He's a hate mongering bigot and way too many people are okay with letting him speak for them.

Totalbiscuit has mentioned this point over and over, so I won't claim it as my own, but this is important to remember: When there is a vacuum in the conversation from more "professional" individuals, other, less scrupulous people will attempt to fill that void. This is how we end up with someone like Milo becoming a prominent figure. No one's stealing his thunder, everyone else in the games press is sticking to a single position and not engaging others in an attempt to build bridges. That's how you end up with dime-a-dozen articles like this one, that simply state events and condemn it as bad (which it is, obviously) but do nothing to neutralize the core of the anger.

Opportunists like Milo see this unresolved resentment, and swoop in to scoop them up to his "side." This is how extremism and radicalism has always started throughout history. Some people are marginalized and that resentment grows and grows, and someone comes along and utilizes that frustration for nefarious purposes. If we want that to stop, you have to break through that resentment and make a concerted effort to reach out to them and resolve the points of conflict. Instead of Patrick posting articles like this, it would be more useful for Patrick to pluck people from the GG "side" and others more sympathetic to random strains of the outrage (like Erik Kain, or people like him) and sit down and talk. About everything. Peace will only happen this way.

No sure how I feel about this - I'd hate for GB to legitimize anything involving GamerGate, but the cattle call by the GB commentariat for some kind of blanket opposition to the movement from the crew is equally misguided.

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@scotto: That's a very violent thing to say.

Considering it's literally impossible, you should probably assume I meant it rhetorically, to express my exasperation.

I wouldn't be opposed to people using that acronym (or white knight, for that matter) getting a low-grade electrical shock from their keyboard.

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Have had my eye on Routine for awhile now, and am excited to see the final product. Guess I'll have to rely on Alien:Isoation if I want some retro-future scares right now.

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It's amazing how easily a lot of you have been brainwashed to despise the GamerGate people. GamerGate questions the validity and integrity of places like Kotaku and Gamasutra, then these sites go all out with insulting and slandering articles trying to paint those criticizing them as awful people. You actually believe that? It's like politicians releasing ads that just constantly attack their opponent instead of bringing up issues. I never see any of you bring up and refute any point the GamerGate crowd has. It's all slander and name calling from the anti-GamerGate side.

There are several long, mostly civil threads in the forums with people going back and forth about what GG is lacking, so I'm not sure what you've been reading. And i"m very much able to think for myself after reading info for and against the movement. I don't think GG's central tenet is harassment, but it was built on harassment (the so-called zoepost) and even the so-called "moderate" voices slough off the bad actors within GG rather than tackling them head-on. Just once I want a GGer to take ownership of the people ruining it for the rest of them, if the intentions behind GG are indeed pure this should have been done loudly and publicly. If there's moderates with in GG they need to question why they've attracted not just the obvious trolls but why the public figures backing GG are card-carrying creeps like Milo from Breitbart, Alex Jones, Adam Baldwin, and Internet Aristocrat.

GG at its core advocates censorship and blackballing, either through removing advertising from sites they don't like, or going from pillar to post to dig up dirt on figures that have offended them, i.e. ZQ, AS, Leigh Alexander, Jenn Frank and others. Alexander said something about 'hood men' in a four-year old tweet, so hey, she's a "racist" and let's use that to discredit her instead of looking inward at the ugliness of gamer culture that's been going on for years ahead of this 'movement.' GG essentially wants to control what games' sites write about, and if that's not telling people to 'sit down and shut up' - behavior GGers claim to abhor - then I don't know what is.

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@anjon: Ever see this? Pretty well known horror short from the early 80s. Your mileage may vary, but it's a creepy and well-executed bit of fun.

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@ntm: That pretty much answers my question, thank you. It would have been really cool if you could sic the alien on human/android enemies. Or perhaps use the speaker system to draw the alien away to give you some breathing room and get through an area. Sounds like you and your alien friend are pretty much attached at the hip, though!

Really looking forward to play this despite some of the apparent downsides and frustrations.

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Is it just sneaking, or are distractions like noisemakers and such actually useful in pulling enemies away? How much can gameplay is involved in manipulating the environment around you, is what I mean to say.

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@hinderk: I think you misunderstand my position in this, I don't give a shit about opinion pieces and someone having moral problems with games. I don't care what editors decide to put on their site, I may disagree with it, I may stop going to that site like I did with kotaku and polygon but they have the right to write what they want. what I object to is an abuse of a powerful position within the industry to silence the voice of someone I want to hear or using your position to push your friends careers or agendas. In my opinion it goes both ways, feel free to cover or not cover whatever you feel like but, feel free to have opinions on whatever you feel like, but a lot of these journalists have way to much influence in the industry and I feel like they abuse it, pressuring developers to make sure their game fits the social message that Anita thinks it should. THAT is what I object to.

This is completely beyond the realm of reason IMO. How do journalists have any sway with the industry to the point that the games themselves are changing to fit an agenda or message? What examples can you cite?

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@stryker1121: @teaoverlord: I think you guys underestimate your place in the gaming community.

I'm not following..was I supposed to be insulted by Alexander's column? Not being a wiseguy, seriously asking.

I guess I'm saying that Leah Alexanders column was painting with a very broad brush and unabashed sensationalism. I find the gaming community, at least the people that I encounter in my life (which includes the internet), to be among my favorite people in the world. You can feel however you want about the column though, you don't have to be insulted.

OK, thank you for clarifying. Although I do disagree that Alexander was 'broad brushing' the community. I keep harping on this point, but to me Alexander was asking for - in an admittedly straight-forward and harsh way - for a change in the stereotypical "gamer" mentality. Essentially she's someone living in the same big house as the rest of us, demanding a very messy subset of folks to go and clean up their room.

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@stryker1121: @teaoverlord: I think you guys underestimate your place in the gaming community.

I'm not following..was I supposed to be insulted by Alexander's column? Not being a wiseguy, seriously asking.