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Any chance the guy who was hit by the giant arrow, propelled 600 feet off the wall, then landed on a spike sticking out of the ground is still alive? (SPOILERS) That's going to be next week's big reveal!

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Very pleasantly surprised by the positive reviews this is getting..trailers made it look like a fairly standard sci-fi action flick. The comedy hardly comes off at all...gonna have to see it for myself, but will go in with an open mind.

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@pr1mus: Oberyn is first and foremost a showboat. He wasn't exactly preening over the Mountain, though, rather he wanted to draw out a confession so he could move onto the next Lannister. The sequence worked for me.

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Gah..eyeball violence! Knew what was coming and that was still a very nasty turn. If you need a smile after that hellaciousness, here's a funny foreshadowy shot of Pascal and Lena Headey.

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Conflicted about this as Dan had great chemistry with the GI crew on their YouTube channel stuff. But he'd be a perfect fit with Giant Bomb, no question.

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Van Soulsing?

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@stryker1121: Once you start murdering it's like eating a sleeve of crackers, just never stops until there's no one left to murder.

Just ran into the worst example of this last night in the shantytown area where it turns into horde mode. I think you're just supposed to run through the area to a gate, but then it closes (natch) and you have to slaughter 10 guys before being able to open the gate. It's frustrating as hell because there's some good stuff in would be a much better game if it gave you the option to stealth through an area and pick off guys with arrows.

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All games may have this problem to some degree, but Tomb Raider is particularly egregious due to the kerfuffle over the attempted rape scene and the alleged dramatic punch of Lara killing for the first time. . then literally the very next scene you're murdering guys with impunity. I like the game well enough (playing it for the first time right now in fact) but making Lara into an accomplished killer was a mistake.

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Another vote for finding a group that shares a common interest - it's an automatic ice breaker to get you past that real or imagined awkwardness stage. just joined a fiction writers group about six weeks back, not knowing a single person in the group. It's not like we're all BFFs now but it's a cool and diverse group of people that I feel comfortable with, an enormous step for a person (me) not great at connecting with folks I've just met.

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I don't love his humor but I won't deny the man has talent, no matter what I think of how he delivers it. He found an audience who liked FG enough to get it put back on the air.Mind you, the best of FG is not a patch on the Simpsons' golden years, like it's not in the same stratosphere, but I always did like the interplay between Stewie and Brian.