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The Apes movie is getting some really good buzz, though like many films of its ilk as of late, it seems it's taking the ultra-serious route. Lucy has sleeper hit potential. As for Hercules, the only name you need to know is Brett Ratner. The Rock has some serious action hero potential, particularly with his comic chops, but this is not the vehicle to do it with.

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I played DS2 as a tanky cleric. Heavy armor and giant club, while also dumping points into Faith for select miracles like great lightning spear, which does huge damage and mixed up the combat nicely. Though I was not a traditional spellcaster if that's what you're looking for.

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Miley Cyrus will come up with something...although I think she looks a bit like a plucked chicken.

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Alien 3- I've watched it many times and even searched out the studio cut, but I know in my heart it's a bad movie. Ambitious, but bad. OP mentioned Chronicles of Riddick and I'd suggest that as well if you want to see Vin Diesel slog through an unintentionally hilarious wannabe sci-fi epic. A total mess with some of the worst fight choreography I've ever seen.

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@minipato: @pyrodactyl: You do know @smcn said that the person Samantha was supporting, Maddy Myers, was «in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so»?

But it's not up to us to determine who's the most qualified..we may have the right to question GB's hiring practices, but ultimately Jeff and Co. are going to do what they think is best for the site.

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Always have showered at night, largely for the 'sleep mode' transitional reason you state. Also my apartment gets very warm in the summer (stupid western exposure) and showering before bed cools me off. In the morning I wash my face.

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What a weird day here in the friendly confines of GB. Internet shit spilling over and I get the mods not wanting that to infect the site, but I guess any level-headed talk about the hires is verboten? Excited to see Dan and Jason get to work..been following GI's youtube channel for a couple of years so know Dan's wacky antics well. Bring on the wrestling talk!

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I did not like Requiem, overwrought bit of misery porn that it was. On topic, I don't have much urge to see Schindler's List again.

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OK, dumb question - if I wishlist a game will I get a message telling me when said game has a deal going?

Yeah, You get an e-mail saying the game you wishlisted is currently on sale.

Cool, thank you!

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OK, dumb question - if I wishlist a game will I get a message telling me when said game has a deal going?