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All's i know is i am a proud gold member, and when my login lapses, i click on an ad or two as well. I want Giant Bomb to take over the video game planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, you know, just keep doin' what they're doin'.

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I want all the bombs and all the casts and I'm not going home until i get them.

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I'll agree with the guy who referenced Dinosaur Jr.; practically everything they covered is better than the original. But here's an even deeper cut: the Beatles are generally considered one of the greatest bands of the 20th Century, but they were put to the shame by Joe Cocker et al. at Woodstock '69. Seriously. This version is like a billion times more moving than the original.

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@bigjeffrey: Wow, so that guy probably lost his job, huh?

Yeah, somewhat on-topic: in my experience (working in construction) corporate policies about procedure and safety are mostly to appease customers and regulators, and are poorly enforced by management and barely followed by workers. I worked for a company that claimed to have ended the use of ladders on all their job sites, and my first week on the job, they got me to get on a ladder to get some work materials of the top of one of our C-Cans. (This may seem like a random thing, but falls are by far the number one cause of casualties in the Ontarian construction industry.)

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Straight up, I visited that website, and I all of a sudden no longer want to commit violent and malicious crimes in the state of Tennessee.... but i have a hankering for some crimes against web design for some reason though....

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I love. That is all.

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It has a simple black and grey field, and you have to trap red and white balls that bounce around by closing off sections of the open field horizontally or vertically. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Cheers, Teddie. Mods, please lock and delete or sticky for posterity.

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Hey guys, does anyone have a link to the full version of this clip? Like, the setup and the commentary afterward? I want to show it in this class I'm taking tomorrow, it's a long story… anyways, yeah. Just one link and the mods can lock this down.

Thanks in advance.