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I'm actually crying...this is horrible.

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New trailers like Yoshi's Island and Mario & Luigi were released if people care, but weren't shown at the conference. As for the conference itself...I already own a Wii U so i'm strapped in on that, but more should have been shown. Excited for X, Bayonetta, and Donkey Kong (even if some aren't) but Mario multiplayer isn't to my taste, Mario Kart is fine, but not a huge push, and Smash, while I got caught up in the heat of the moment with the Mega Man reveal...well...the hype for Brawl was kinda more fun than Brawl itself in most cases, so hopefully they can pull another Melee, and not another Brawl. But too early to judge on that.

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If something needs doing, or money needs donated for anything I am willing. The work Giant Bomb does is worth it.

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I'm just fucking glad everyone is okay. Was hearing some bad rumors on that end...seriously though, what a way to put a damper on their spirits...hope those thieves get what's coming to them.

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Bought a Wii U partially for this, a bit miffed by that tbh, but hey more people get to play it, just wish it wasn't delayed.

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I'm definitely interested in the sequel. Glad to see it's finally getting brought over.

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might go for it if it includes the DLC.

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All I know is he deserved a victory and he finally got it.

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Seriously, that had better be archived. That was fucking incredible.

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I had this issue happen to me once, luckily i'd saved recently but it was annoying, sucks that this seems to be a reoccurring problem, hope it's patched, but considering the nature of this game, I don't expect it to.

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