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I have had a friend since first grade, who I used to consider my best friend. When we started high school, he started hanging out with this one kid I really hated, so we kinda just stopped hanging out for a little while. A few months later, me and the kid I used to hate started hanging out, which meant that I got to hang out with my old best friend again, which was awesome, and it was just like the old days. Then, my best friend and our new friend did something that got them in huge trouble, which made them separate. I tried to hang out with both of them, but it didn't work. Now, the only one my old best friend hangs out with is his girlfriend. I still consider him my friend, but I don't know if he considers me his friend anymore, since we haven't talked in so long. I've tried to hang out with him a few times but something always comes up and he ends up cancelling. The only time we talk now is saying hi when we pass in the halls. It sucks, because some of the best memories of my life so far were made with him.

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Just because a game features a hot, scantily-clad, female character doesn't mean it's sexist.

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I'm 16 and I've tried to play some of them like FFX and Mother, but I just can't deal with grinding. It's so monotonous and boring to me. The stories are usually great, but nothing makes me stop playing a game faster than grinding. I do like games like Paper Mario, FF7, and Pokemon though. I'm also planning on buying Chrono Trigger on the DS soon.

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Uncharted 2: - Opening train scene

COD4 - Sinking ship level at the beginning. First time ever playing a PS3 and I was amazed.

Gears of War - First 360 game I ever played. Walked in to my best friend's room to see him sitting there with a brand new xbox 360. I almost jizzed my pants.

Jak and Daxter - My first PS2 game back when I was like 6. I had only played the Sega Saturn before I got a PS2, and as you could imagine, the graphics blew me away, and the gameplay was a ton of fun too.

Ratchet and Clank - Played when it came out at the same friends house as Gears of War. My first T rated game.

Jak 2 - After the lighthearted original game hearing Jak talk and the characters curse was a big culture shock

Saints Row The Third/4 - All the crazy shit you do in those games.

The Last Of Us - The graphics and the amazing writing

The Walking Dead - First form of media to ever make me cry

God Of War 3 - The graphics and Titan boss fight

Mass Effect 2 - Opening scene.

There are many, many more.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, my favorite show of all time.

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@jay_ray: I rarely replay games anyway, even ones with a lot of choice like Infamous.

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@barrock @themanwithnoplan Thanks guys, I'm leaning towards South Park and getting Infamous later, but I'm gonna wait until some more people respond.

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@themanwithnoplan Yea, I'm just a little torn because I know Infamous will be a very good game since I loved the first 2, but obviously The Stick of Truth is very appealing to me, and the great reviews it's been getting make me really want it. If I had known how good the reviews would be before hand, I probably would have preordered South Park.

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Ok, so a few weeks ago I headed down to my local Gamestop and pre-ordered Infamous: Second Son, which I am expecting to be a great game judging by the footage and previews I've seen. However, I am also a huge South Park fan (seen every episode and the movie), and have been waiting for a great South Park game to come out for years now, and The Stick of Truth looks like it will answer those prayers. Should I cancel my preorder for Infamous, and use the money from that to buy South Park? It's also worth noting that whichever game I don't end up getting right now I will end up getting later.