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still gives me laughs
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Slipknot - Psychosocial

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the way I see it is that achievements are a way of getting the feeling of accomplishment, a pat on the back by the developer saying "wow man you beat Ninja Gaiden II on path of the mentor awesome! heres 100 points". the points arent worth anything and they just kinda look good on your GT but i dunno guess you havent played a amazingly hard game before and didnt really get that acomplished feel (God Hand anyone). All in all its a love it or hate it thing, though that makes me want to ask you a question..

don't you want to acomplish things in your life?

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Golf! Tee it up!

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you guys DO know that david hayter is doing the screenplay right?

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No offense or anything but sony blew it with their ps3. I remember being super super excited about the ps3 before they revamped the controller with motion control and the ridiculous pricetag (at the time then). I agree though that its a 10-year plan and that it'll have its glory moment, just not right now. The only thing I'd consider getting a ps3 for is Metal Gear Solid 4 because the other games look so meh, I mean honestly resistance 2? sorry but it has generic written all over it.. like they were making the game and one of the guys was like "wait.. wha.. s..scripted event? AWESOME! I MUST PUT THIS EVERYWHERE IN THE GAME AND MAKE IT LOOK REALLY CLUNKY". 

So my conclusion for this e3 was that theres a shitload of awesome games coming out and it doesnt matter what console you have since most of the 'big' games coming out are multi platform (fallout3, deadspace, left4dead)

RROD : not such a big deal. I've had my 360 almost a year now with no problems what-so-ever and even if it would 'RROD' they added a 3 year warrenty.
Live : yeah I know paying for online services is lame but its a great service none-the-less and sometimes I wish they would allow third-party servers but you cant have it all.

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I wrote an article discussing the general information of the game leaving out most of its plot (so i wont spoil anything). so I hope that gets approved

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if you consider buying the best console this gen a good idea, then yeah

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fuck yes i would love a Powerstone game for XBLA

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the girl-character puts it off for me, because unless its handled by a person it'll suck

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