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Playing impossible ironman, just got plasma tech and titan armor, took the UFO battleship mission without realizing it and completely wiped now everything is going down hill.

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Just completed classic ironman today after completing the final mission. However once the final cutscene ends it cut to another scene of all the nations dropping out and gives me a defeat screen. Not even a achievement for my worries (1st time clearing the game). I might as well just try impossible.

Edit: "Defeated" that's what I get for complaining late at night.

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Field dominated by men + women = Sexual Harassment

wow didn't see that coming!!!!!!

Honestly could give less of a shit about what some fat guy said about some red head in a heated argument where people usually say things they regret.

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This is what happens when you build in district A..

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Resident Evil: 5 I enjoyed 4 but for some reason could not handle just the slow movement and controls it felt like lost planet 2 just too much animation in the way do I need to go back and finish?

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Dislike: Any other map that goes higher than 2 stories

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Side quest, less bugs etc...
Weapons that I can still get and repair myself after im done with the new area
And a new pip boy...

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People who use Fail in real life especially with Epic in front of it....

Wow nobody said Aggro yet? thought that was gonna be at list no 3 at top of everyones list

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Looks nice but I dont even know the other maps that come with it besides asian zombies

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Only Bill Clinton would enjoy a of Burger of that magnitude... If you took the lettuce off you could make a salad

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