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 It sucks the game came out in such a state. Rather than saying you'll never buy one of their RPGs again maybe you should just say you won't buy one until you know it's been patched and not going to crash ever 5 minutes? 
Also, don't waste your breath on SeriouslyNow. You should know better than that.  
But daaaamn, Keyhunter gets the Retard of the Thread award. Wow. @.@   

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@SuperfluousMoniker: Sure it's "off topic" but it's still a video game site populated by very few people in a position to actually contribute anything of intelligence to such a conversation. :P 
Terranigma?! I haven't played that since like last xmas o.O
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What I figured I do was create a thread about "going green" and conspiracies on a video game website. 
What do you think? Is it a good idea?

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@FritzDude said:

Girls that talks much.

Guys that can't form a proper sentence.  
Sorry, it was just begging to be said. 
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Ocarina of Time's ending is probably the worst of the worst for me. 
I hate story resets so, so much.

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Ar Tonelico 

The first time always hurts 

Slide it in gently, please 
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@Red said:
" Downloading patch now, but it's taking hella long. So this new patch includes the redesigned Talent Trees, or is that not until Cata comes out? "
It includes em. 
Can't wait to mess around with the new talents for my priest and rogue... pally is still feeling iffy with their combo poi... err "holy power" but I'm sur I'll get used to it. 
My biggest concern is how many add-ons I have are going to be totally FUBAR'd >.>
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@Raymayne said:
" Some old ass news right here...get your head in the game, Nicholson. "
From the number of people who are posting reactions to reflect that this is the first time they've heard this, there's really no reason for such criticism. Stop being a prick.
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@ChristOnIce said:
" @Hailinel:   While I agree that they're useless, that fact doesn't make them bad.  It simply makes them irrelevant.  If a feature can be completely ignored and have no effect on you, what makes it bad?  I have no use for French subtitles in any game that I play, but I would hardly consider their inclusion bad given that I needn't turn them on.  Achievements seem no different.  Are you suggesting that you dislike something that you could entirely ignore simply because other people don't ignore it?  Again, this seems petty. "
Except you missed his point where there are people will judge others based off of their game score, which makes it more than just an irrelevant tool that some people enjoy. Such things get used not only as an artificial e-peen enhancer, but as a means to judge others, which is ridiculous. Yes, yes, I know not everyone does this and those who do are retarded, but that's beside the point.  
And like I said  I find it to be a lazy way to extend a game. Rather than putting in fun easter eggs or bonuses for completing crazy amounts of fetching or exploration, devs can just tack on an achievement and call it a day. There are countless examples of older generation games where collecting everything or exploring every nook and cranny would unlock a cheat code, bonus items, or a little easter egg cutscene or whatever. Sure, such games still exist today, but there are so many that reward you with only an achievement, instead. 
 Would I rather have a 50 point achievement that said I beat all the missions in Goldeneye on 007 level or some different settings we can use for multiplayer? Gee tough choice. I think I'll go with the option that actually gives me an in-game reward that will want me to keep playing rather than put the controller down and go, "Phew, that chore of an achievement is done. Time to do something else now."
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@WinterSnowblind said:
" Final Fantasy XIII - hands down, the worst numbered Final Fantasy game.  (counting remakes of 1-3)."  
You haven't played XIV yet, have ya?