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Great game, great characters.
Really shows how much people can handle. If its their personal favorite thing doing it, awesome! If its not, FUCK THAT RACIST/INTERNET MEME/COMED SHIT BAH.
That's the reason we have so few nice things.

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He was a big goddamn hero.

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Banjo Kazooie for the N64.

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The theme thing only gave me a code for a Flash tee. Sucky, because I like the artwork for this game.

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@LikeaSsur: Compared to WoW everything is short. I won't say WoW's overdoing it but there's entire zones like Uldum that are one big reference and at times I felt it was real easy quest design. But it worked, just as Border is working for me.
It's gotta come down to tolerance, and perhaps personal issue with it because I've heard a lot of people love it to death but others also condemning it for its humor. Well, isn't that always the case with comedy? One group likes it, others hate it no matter what? I'm not sure what I find more grating personally, the small amount of customization for your character and the limited amount of animations (or the same grunts, I can practically dream the human mob aggro sound) or the fact my Commando might say something that references/contrives from other sources.
I want to understand this but I can't seem to really see your point. Sure Borderlands does this a lot, but to say its beating me over the head with it is nonsense. It's not like the game holds you down and forces it down your throat. The meat of the game is still shooting, looting and exploring. The story was a lot of fun as well, Jack is a great villain and I might have suffered a blackout but I don't remember him being a walking meme machine or anything. 
Both games have taken a lot of my time, WoW more than any game ever probably, and both have some things that can get really annoying if you happen to be affected by them. I often just look to the gameplay, the experience and what its trying to convey. And I think both games do a great job in staying original while also referencing/copying some popular things from life. Both have their flaws but neither of them are overdoing it.
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@Tennmuerti: Thank you for reading!
@LikeaSsur: I'm not too sure how to respond to that. Borderlands 2 is not some 8 hour game. It has classes, sidequests, additional challenges, downloadable content and a variety of special (orange) guns to collect. The game is big on humor, ranging from memes to My Little Pony but over-saturated? I think I'm going to need an example because really its nowhere as bad as you're making it out to be. A quest title, a challenge name, perhaps a weapon inspired by Minecraft or is it the names of some of the character's skills that slap you in the face with said humor? I'm a little confused because, while sure, there's a lot being said/yelled/cried at you during a typical combat scenario there is none of it that seems as irritating as any internet joke.
Maybe its a tolerance thing, because playing the game has been great for me and there hasn't been a moment where I thought the game got too crazy or tried too hard. I think there's a lot of cool stuff they've done with some of the 'jokes' and to be fair the entire game has been crazy. In my experience it only helped.
But thanks for still sharing your opinion, as you said you would!^^
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Witcher 2 came and knocked all my favorite titles on their ass and took its throne as the best game ever for me personally.
So I'm quite stoked for Witcher 3.

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You'll love it in a year.
Or In a year you've grown up enough to not care about it.

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Your topic title is generic and immature.
I fully agree though, people complain about the silliest thing. They don't want sequels/clones but their comments make it sound like they do. If game A steals a mechanics it's great and unique copycatting for the good. If Game B does it OHGODTHEINTERNETISTOOSMALLFORTHISOUTRAGE. It's nonsense. 
Oh and one thing, which is a thing I've been living by for ages now, let's just ignore what developers and other game personalities have to say about what THEY think is important to games. Because whatever Cliffy thinks of Saints Row, and no matter the high amount of respect I have for him, what he says there is his opinion and I choose not to be afflicted by it.

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I agree, great game.