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A lot of sports clubs are run as private businesses. In a lot of cases the money the club makes from the player vastly outnumbers what the pays him. I could be spouting bullshit here but currently Bale is the most famous player in the prem he is worth a lot of money in advertising (he is currently the face of lucozade. I read somewhere that madrid will be getting his image rights to use, if madrid see that as being worth more than £300,000 a week then they should be able to choose how much to pay him. Just to be clear I do think the money footballers are paid is ridiculous but at the end of the day they help thier clubs make money and these are private businesses. You have more of an issue with the amount that many of the higher ups in the government and nhs earn.

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Basically i can't play this game, i only have a 5 year old netbook in my house, and the idea of watching some else play this seems horrible to me.

so as i said i really hate to ask this but can someone give me a description of what happens, how you find out. i could wait 6 months and save up for a pc but id like to buy a ps4 in november and by the time i'd have saved up i probably would have forgotten all about this

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I'm completly speechless right now. Over the past 5 years since the conception of Giantbomb both Ryan and Jeff specifically have been instrmental in my life just through giantbomb. And now one of them has gone its just shitty. And its making me feel even worse when i think about those close to him. while i will miss him through giantbomb he has a brand new wife, friends and family that are now without him. Fuck i feel like a selfish peice of shit.

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The second that door opened I shot all three as fast as possible. Joel and I were there for one reason and I don't regret it one bit.

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When ever I think about Metal Gear I'm always gonna say "Metal Gear?" in Hayter voice but i'm excited to see something new in Snakes character.

Also Hayter seems to me to be throwing a bit of a strop of this.

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@obsideondarman: It seems pretty much spot on performance wise compared to the ps2 game. The game itself is pretty good but in certain aspects it shows it's age for sure. But in terms of price it's probably one of the best thing on psn for £10.

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Just a quick question from someone who has just got back into WWE, The Great Khali is a joke right? From the matches I've watched they try to make it sound like he is a monster in the ring but all he does is go around slapping people in the top of their head. It looks ridiculous.

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I wish that there was some sort of weaker normal attack that didn't exhaust like other magic. It seems really weird to me that theoretically there is a finite amount of attacks you can launch.

I'm having a lot of trouble learning the patterns of the harpy and the lack of enemy health bars really suck, it doesn't even do the monster hunter technique of showing damage through the bosses animations.

Although I feel there is a lot wrong with the game the demo has sold me, I'm ready to buy it day 1 and sink a bunch of time into it.

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@ethan_raiden: Are you sure it didn't unlock? Unlike the other documents the final geocache message doesn't come on screen automatically so you have to go to the documents page to check it's unlocked. Also weapon upgrades also count towards the 100% I think. At least thats what got me from 99% to 100%.

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So does anyone know what it means? I haven't really paid attention to previous Tomb Raider lore but I would assume that Trinity is a big deal in the TR universe.

Even if it's not it's probably safe to assume that Trinity with be a big antagonistic force in possible sequels? Even if the reward isn't much I had quite a lot of fun finding them all.