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Ok I'm gonna try this game again, for the third time. I'm Jedicake on steam. Gonna try to join the giantbomb lobby, if there is one.

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Yea it's under load. Thanks a ton guys, So glad Giantbomb has forums so I can get help with this stuff, still learning.

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Also a 3570k at 60C at an average gaming load is OKAY (stock fan) right?

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TehJedicake on PC =)

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Okay don't worry this IS about BF3.

I might be the only one with this issue, but I flew a jet for the first time in BF3 and found it to be extremely lame. I think years of flying jets in Desert Combat mod for 1942 has done a disservice for me, or have other people not played DC and still find the jets in this bleh?

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I'm not a PC expert but I think you'd be able to get away with medium settings, consistent framerate with a 550 ti. don't know much about AMD cpu's but 2.6 six core sounds decent

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Did you plug in the motherboard speaker?

As for the AC turning on, I think its something called a power sag.

A power sag is a short-term low-voltage condition in an electric circuit. Power sags occur when high-power electric loads (such as air conditioners) are started up, or when multiple devices on the same circuit are turned on at once.

Oh. I don't think I did plug in the motherboard speaker lol.

Hmm.. power sag, maybe I'll try plugging the AC into a different outlet?

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Hi everyone. For the first time ever, I built my own PC about a week ago, for the most part it's great; glad I'm able to finally stream video games. But of course, I'm having a few issues.

First one is my PC powers up completely fine, I see that bios flash screen and then it pops into windows, but I don't hear a motherboard beep, how bad is that?

Another issue is sometimes, not all the time, when my air conditioner comes on in my room, my sound goes out for a second or two then comes back on. This also has happened to my mouse and keyboard just a few times, not nearly as often as sound though. They're all USB connected, if that helps.

That's mostly it for now... btw is there any program that can help me with diagnosing the motherboard? I'm just worried I effed up the motherboard when I was building my PC.

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Haha I feel stupid. Still learning the resolution thing. Thanks much, guys :D