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I didn't read the 'Resting State' article, just the wee quote synopsis that Patrick Provided. After those two paragraphs, I didn't have the spirit to dig deeper.

It takes some really backwards logic to say all this F2P energy nonsense is somehow doing the players a favour: granting access to some kind of wonderful life that they didn't know existed, but would know about if they just stopped playing those damn games and went outside for a bit. How fucking dare these players have nothing better to do with their time!?

Related aside: My mother is disabled and getting old, and has very little opportunity for 'life' as the author tries to define it. Should these people be just thrown to the mercy of the very worst F2P crap, because they should get out more, so fuck them for not trying hard enough? I hope not.

I can understand linking the article because it's 'interesting,' but even support of an interesting article (regardless of how much you may disagree with it's premise) can lend credence, and sow the seeds of doubt.

Bottom line: Everybody is different. One persons definition of 'quality of life' is not the same as another's. To lump everyone into the same boat shows just how incredibly out of touch the author is.

Just fucking gross! For shame, Solon Scott.

And somehow I'm more angry now than I was during my hours at work.

@patrickklepek I'd be interested to hear your take on this, as I noticed you didn't commit one way or another within the article. I assume you highlighted it for the purposes of discussion? It doesn't give me pause for thought, personally. It just makes me more righteously indignant about the entire concept.

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I'm still playing Marvel Heroes. Still!

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My opinion is somewhat hypocritical. I think all offensive shit should be flagged, but I hardly ever take the time to do it myself. In that sense, I'm part of the problem, but I try not to feel too badly about it. I'm on the internet in my downtime, and I'd rather not spend that time focusing on the absolute dregs of society.

I often wonder to myself what the internet would be like today if it was as pervasive 50 years ago as it now, but lingering on that thought for any amount of time tends to depress me.

Perhaps I should make more of an effort to stamp that shit out. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow, yes... That the will be the day...

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@mikkaq: Yeah after the game finished and it said 'Why not try a graphic novel?' I thought 'I might just do that,' so I might just so that.

@spoonman671: I have to agree regarding the episodic structure. If I'd have played the game in fits in spurts, I'd probably have been left feeling rather unsatisfied by the whole affair. Especially since some of the 'coming up in the next episode' montages didn't seem to accurately tie up to what would end up happening, like TellTale decided to just do something else instead.

Since I have the attention of you both (hopefully), I had a question that perhaps one of you may be able to answer, depending on what happened in your playthroughs: During the scene where you're questioning TJ after he snuck out for a swim, he mentions overhearing someone saying 'don't laugh at me.' at the time I thought that would turn out to be key somewhere along the lines, but it didn't seem to go anywhere. Did either of you find that relevant to anything that happened in your games?

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@mikkaq: Oh yeah, I understood that much. What I don't understand is if Nerissa and Faith are the same person, whose head was at the foot of The Woodlands apartments in the first place, and why I should I care?

Like I said, it just came across as a twist for the sake of it. A good twist should have your mind reeling with possibilities. At least one, preferably more. Here, the only possibility is that it's someone else, but who it is is completely irrelevant.

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I just finished the game after playing right through from the beginning in pretty much a single sitting, and I was still confused by what the ending with Nerissa was trying to say. I came here hoping that someone could answer that for me, but it doesn't like there is a proper explanation per se. It felt like an unearned twist, to me. Ambiguous purely for the sake of ambiguity, and not because it had anything particularly interesting to say.

I've avoided these articles right from the start, to ensure I didn't get any spoilers, and I'm quite surprised by how different I played the game compared to Alex. I basically went through the game as a nice guy with the thinnest patience imaginable. I ripped out Dee's throat when I got the chance (or was it Dum?), I ripped off Grendel's arm after our bar brawl, and I even attacked Toad in his apartment when his obvious lies were wearing out their welcome. I figured I was already monstrous in most people's eyes anyway, so why the hell not...?

With that said, the end 'courtroom' scene felt quite a bit more impactful as a result, which lent a whole lot more credence to Crooked Man's defense, and came across much tenser than it otherwise would have done. There was a couple of minutes where I thought 'shit, he's actually going to get away with this,' until Narissa turned up to bring the plot back onto a single track. I was grateful for that at the time, but looking back at it, I'm not sure it was really deserved overall.

In the end though, I liked the game way more than I thought I would, and in quite a lot of ways, liked it much more than The Walking Dead. Maybe that's got more to do with my jadedness for zombie fiction than anything else, but it helped that the game didn't bug out to fuck, completely ignoring any choices I made between chapters. It wasn't completely devoid of immersion-breaking crap - I had to restart certain sections of the the game on 4 different occassions, when it decided to keep presenting me with 'This Choice Is Blank!' options that would lead to the game effectively freezing up. The fact I was able to overlook speaks volumes about the enjoyment I took from it overall.

But man, Georgie Porgie. What a fucking scumbag. He brings shame to my Yorkshire bretheren.

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Woah I had no idea you could even pull off that kind of craziness with the teleporter. I literally picked it up once, instantly teleported into a wall, and vowed never to touch it ever again, ever.

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@tycobb said:

@tehpickle said:

I have no idea who these folks are, but I can't wait to see what they bring to the mix. Hooray for new blood!

Really though, I'm just happy at the potential of less Brad led quick looks. Love the guy, but his playstyle can drive me a little bonkers.

Wrong thread?

With that said -- Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory lasted a long time. Probably still going on (hooray for private servers).

I have no idea how that happened... How embarassing.

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It boggles my mind that some folks can't see the difference between 30 and 60, but anyway... I'd say 99% of the time, 60fps is the way to go, but there are some very rare exceptions, where I think 30 can actually enhance a game overall. The Souls series is the first example that springs to my mind, but I'm sure there's endless others that could be listed.

On a similar note: Youtube recently announced that 60fps is finally coming. There's a couple of samples flying around like this one, right here.

I didn't embed because I'm not sure it works under those conditions, but it's cool news anyway/

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I have no idea who these folks are, but I can't wait to see what they bring to the mix. Hooray for new blood!

Really though, I'm just happy at the potential of less Brad led quick looks. Love the guy, but his playstyle can drive me a little bonkers.