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@chumley_marchbanks: That's very reassuring, thank you. I Had no idea they were in the same place!

I guess now the only question is how to get into Ultros? Do you have any idea how long these new character creation restrictions tend to last? Should I be trying to do it at certain times of the day? Is there any point to me just refreshing the server list every three minutes and keeping my fingers crossed?

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I've just started playing recently, got a level 32 white mage on the go, but I'm starting to become a bit tired of struggling to find people that speak English on the EU server that I'm on (Cerberus).

I'm considering re-rolling on a different server before I get any deeper with the character. I intiially wanted to join Odin (EU) because I hear that's got the largest population of English speakers in the EU, but the game will never, ever let me create a character over there. It's always closed to new toons.

I'm now thinking og trying out a US data center instead, and was wondering if any of you guys have any opinions on this sort of thing? Do any of you having any experience with using a 'foreign' data center? Does it have a significant impact on gameplay such as additional lag, desyncing, rubber-banding etc etc?

It's safe to say that it likely wouldn't be optimal, but I'm curious as to the potential extent before I start investing more time trying, only to change my mind again.

I understand Ultros is pretty much the home of the Giant Bomb Company, so that might be cool. However that server is currently not accepting new characters either, as of writing this. I'd be prepared to keep trying though, if the overseas lag isn't going go too unbearable...?

I just want to find a home!

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I think the main issue with the latest consoles is that they don't have a sufficient enough library to justify them yet, unless you're really into playing one of the few games that have been released so far. Nothing released for either console has been compelling enough to tempt me to shell out any money just yet.

That said, Sony have a considerable amount of good-will with me, and it seems sales are going very well overall, so I think that's the more likely purchase, long term, if I had to choose just one. I'm not sure what it was that changed your mind on PS4, as you didn't really give enough details there. A deeper explanation of that would probably help. With you owning a Vita already, there'd be some very clear benefits to it with the PS+ free games, at the very least.

Personally, I'd just stick with the gaming PC for now. Just plug that into your TV and get a nice wireless keyboard and mouse setup, and a few controllers. Out of the three, it's easily the premier place get the best of every world, limited exclusives aside.

Overall though, if you're on the fence about either console, I think it would be best just to wait a while.

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Goodness gracious. What a complete fucking numpty.

What bothers me with this kind of thing is that he isn't just taking his own life into his hands, but also the lifelong mental state of the train driver that could've been forced to witness a decapitation.

If that guy ends up with a payout for that, it will be a travesty.

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I'm quite a soppy sod really, so pretty much anything that's sad can set me off, regardless of how cynically engineered it may be.

That said, a few of the particular notables:

Grave of the Fireflies - A few folks have mentioned that already, and rightly so. That shit is just absolutely heartbreaking. Oh god thinking about it is making me well up. I've seen it once. Never again.

Dancer in the Dark - Just the most harrowing experience I've ever had at the cinema. I'm a huge fan of Bjork, and her singing into the ventilation unit, and then with the noose around her neck was just the most intensely upsetting thing I've ever seen or heard. I remember being the last to leave the screening with my friends, only to step outside to a fucking Star Wars fan screening queuing up to use the same screen afterwards. Darth Maul had a good laugh at me, the twat. At least I wasn't dressed like a complete fucking idiot. Grrr ramble grumble grumble with maybe a fist shake for good measure.

Pan's Labyrinth (El Labarinto del Fauno) - Whilst I saw it coming, it still knocked me for six. I think I was stoned and feeling a little soppy at the time anyway, but the concept of a young girl bleeding to death and being happy in her fantasy world (or was it? Nah, it can'tbe) just felt so incredibly tragic. I cried non-stop for well over an hour afterwards.

Lady Vengeance (IE the one that came after Oldboy) - Man, what a film. I don't even think it's a particularly sad film per-se, but the 10 second video clip of the little kid being set up to be hanged, begging for his/her life while the killer just gets on with his business upset me profoundly.

There's a very distinct theme to what upsets me in cinema. It's not the death that does it, but the amount of suffering that goes with it. If that's done 'well' it will get me every single fucking time.

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Not much to say really. I saw this in the kitchen and it tickled me, so I figured I'd share it with y'all:

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Words fail me. What on earth were they thinking!?

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@syndrom: It really wouldnt surprise me if it's being released later because of people like us.

Ultimately, if it came out at the same time, I'd have just bought it on PC and had done with it. As it is, they're getting two sales out of me rather than one. I know that sound incredibly cynical, but I can well imagine that the publishers just didn't want to canibalise on the console sales. They were well aware of the hype surrounding it, which of course they helped to create.

I think this is further substantiated by how they've kept the PC version under wraps for so long. If people saw it at launch (and if according to the Bombcast, it IS the superior version) folks would've just held out instead.

I'd say people like us have been played perfectly.

Edit: Reading that back, that doesn't come across in quite the way I intended, but what the hell. I'm sure you catch my drift. I'd re-word it but the QL is up in a couple of minutes, and I need to grab my popcorn.

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Really, all I want is 60fps and some better lighting and shadows. If it can do that satisfactorily, I'll be totally up for double-dipping.

I bought it day one on 360, and I've only played about an hour. I think I just needed to play it to get the hype out of my system. Now I've gotten that out of the way, I'll be happy to settle in with the PC version.

Also, hooray for having a brand new GTX780 system. It means I can now look forward to things like this and not feel excluded.

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I cant say I really felt the need. It didn't take long got me to replace everything my main had prior to loot 2.0 so it ended up very much being an auto-purge.

But now, I kinda want to delete my character because I've geared him completely wrong and it's pissing me off how little damage he's doing. It seems now, if you aren't going exclusively for main stat, crit chance and crit damage, you're doing it wrong. It seems there's even less freedom than there ever was before. Humph