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When I generally see talk of the Souls games (usually forums), I see a massive amount of old hands clambering to support new players. More so than most any other game I can think of, to be honest. I think a lot of that comes down to the Souls crowd being really into Souls games, and are super keen to get as many people on board as possible. Again, more so than most any other game I can think of.

I think the problem comes when a person criticises the game (likely inaccurately) and is stating their dislike with unwavering finality. At that point the keen old hands (or indeed, just plain trolls that don't care either way) realise their attempt at covert conversion to The Way of the Souls will fail and immediately play the 'it's because you're shit' (read: 'git gud') card and have nothing more to say on the topic.

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Doesn't Valve make about 30% from the sales of other people's games through Steam (or thereabouts?)

I dont necessarily think it's 'greedy' of EA to want to try and circumvent that payment through their own platform, even if said platform is a bag of crap, that I don't want.

That said, EA don't generally make games that I'm interesting in buying, so it isn't much of an issue for me.

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My general rule of thumb is to AdBlock and selectively whitelist the sites I want to support.

Egregiously intrusive examples aside, I really don't mind advertisements, but I wish more of them were relevant to my interests. If there's a product out there that I'd potentially buy if I was aware of its existence, then I'd have no problem with being informed about it. I have to imagine that a lot of folks would feel the same way.

Unfortunately they end up being an ultra rare exception, sandwiched between weight-loss, penis enhancement, muscle gain and other such self-improvement products. I really can't blame anyone for being sick of that shit. When you factor in the possibility for these ads to contain malware of some description, how can anyone be surprised (or indeed angered) that internet users are rejecting them en masse?

Adblock will continue to flourish so long as users are exposed to irrelvant and potentially dangerous spam ads, and it has my blessing.

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I would like to see some Rush


In all seriousness, I love Rush, but I want the entirety of Hemispheres.

I want all the prog.

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I've been watching Northernlion play this over the last few days. It looks almost like a carbon copy of Simcity (which I can get behind) without any of the massive drawbacks (which I can totally get behind).

I preordered it a few minutes ago.

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I was really looking forward to some online raiding and was shocked to find it isn't even implemented. Yet.

I slogged through that first episode to get it, and it's not even what I thought I was buying.

What a mess of a launch.

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@hanktherapper: 'Hate' is a strong word to throw around about a person, duder. Especially when it's just an extremely self-critical games designer.

What does it matter to you if he dissed Fable 2 if you enjoyed it? It doesn't change what the game is, or the fun you had.

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@sanity said:

I'd rather have him out there with his bullshit than not at all.

This line wins the thread, as far as I'm concerned.

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Having played most (if not all) of PMs games over the course of my life, this whole situation just makes me incredibly sad. It might sound sappy, but my heart goes out to him.

That RPS interview was fucking disgusting.