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Of course this is rumor and speculation, but for me the thing that gives it credence is that it follows common sense.

If the family share plan worked as we all dreamed, it would have been a huge bullet point feature that MS would be shouting from the mountains, especially after Sony had their conference. That was not the case. Also, if publishers don't like used games, how do you think they like the idea that 1 copy sold could be freely distributed amongst 10 people with minimal restrictions? I just don't see it.

And I don't think this discussion is irrelevant just because it is hypothetical. The fact that MS left this open enough for there to be a discussion in the first place speaks volumes.

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I think the family share plan would have been short demos only, and MS just never elaborated on that. There is just no way that publishers would allow cannibalization of potential sales that would cause.

I think they had to reverse the DRM policies because going forward and revealing the full details of the share plan would have absolutely sunk the console.

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Lame title, pretentious opening sentence. I didn't read any further than that.

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It's about even for me. There are a few games on each list that are on my radar, but nothing that jumps out at me as something I know I'll be buying. Voted for see results.

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Scoops strikes again!

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Shadows of the Damned was much more than the sum of it's parts. The game was fun, goofy, disturbing, funny, and sometimes scary. And it has one of the best soundtracks of the generation.

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Seemingly lost in all the used game and required online debate is the fact that the PS4 is potentially 50% more powerful and 100 dollars cheaper.

That's why I'm going with a PS4 first.

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Amazon, mostly because I don't have to pay sales tax which saves me about $30. Having it delivered to me at work is nice too.

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@hollitz: high five! I love that show, even when it isn't laugh out loud funny it's got a nice laid back vibe.

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Comedy Bang Bang

The Long Shot Podcast

I've sampled a lot of comedy podcasts in my day and those two are the only ones that I make sure to catch every episode.