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I haven't purchased a used game in years. I got nothing against it, I just prefer new games and they are pretty easy to find on the cheap if you're patient.

I'm going with the PS4 out of the gate though because I appreciate the pro-consumer attitude...more so than the actual thing Sony is doing with it's lack of restrictions on disc based games and online check-ins. Microsoft's policies wouldn't affect me, but they bother me. I think consumer rights are an important thing to stand up for and even when everything is digital I would rather have my eggs be in Sony and Steam's baskets.

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I am considering it for the first time now, but I don't see myself buying it until it drops to 200 dollars.

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Metal Gear 5, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 4, The Division and Destiny

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You mention "Steam-like sales" in the original post; if either of the big two follow Steam's lead I think it will be Sony. The Sony guy Patrick interviewed for the Dumptruck basically said they are letting indies determine their own price point. There were no details given and of course we'll have to wait and see, but I see Microsoft sticking to it's more strict pricing structure with Sony being the more flexible partner to work with when it comes to how much downloadable games cost.

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Holy shit, I want to play a FF game again! It's been so long.

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You got something on your head there, Snake.

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Cool, I'm down for more.

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I was not at all surprised by Nintendo's inability to even stream their conference properly, much less show me something new or exciting.

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Players see a return on the cost of PS Plus from the free games alone.

Besides that argument ending point, the hope is that paying for multiplayer will allow Sony to build up their infrastructure so that one day they do own the servers people play on and can provide an online multiplayer experience that matches Xbox Live.

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Depends on the price. Downloading games that are a few gigs is appealing to me only if it costs less than the disc based version.