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Anyone else exhausted despite just sitting down and watching a stream the last few hours? Jesus.

Haha! I'm right there with you. Exhausted, but still hyped up oddly enough. I can't tell if I want to go to sleep, play SF, or just youtube some matches.

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Momochi is my favorite player. Was rooting for him all the way through. But I really wanted Gamerbee to win after witnessing his climb up the mountain. What a crazy finish. From controller malfunctions to Gamerbee transitioning from villain to crowd favorite over the course of a couple of matches.

Damn. I don't even know how to feel. What a fantastic Top 8 though.

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Shadows of the Damned

One of the best soundtracks ever, but you really have to play the game to appreciate it. Searching the OST on Youtube will leave you without some of the best songs in the game. I think it's Yamaoka's finest work, and he's done a lot of classic soundtracks.

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This season sure is plodding along at a snail's pace. Once it's finished I bet someone could cut it into one hell of a 2 hour movie. I'm still enjoying it somewhat but damn...when are we going to actually get into some detective work and mystery solving?

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The funny thing is The Witcher 3 actually deals with race and bigotry in some interesting ways. But because the characters are all white that fact gets overlooked by single minded folks who think simply having different color palettes for the characters is the only way to be progressive.

They are too busy judging the book by its cover to crack it open and read into it a bit.

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For those having trouble deflecting arrows back to the offending archer, the moment to hit block is when you hear them launching the arrow.

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Man it is tempting to throw my PS4 with P.T. up on ebay.

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This game looks fucking doooooope. The fact that they included slow beats like scavenging for food/parts/gas has me just as excited as the action bits; so many games don't do any sort of pacing. The combat (both on foot and vehicular) looks fun, exploration looks like it matters, there are RPG elements and the world reacts to your actions? Sign me up.

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All metal all the time. Or the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy.