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I like everything about this game, it feels like it was made just for me.

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I loved that match between K-Brad and the Australian Bison whose name escapes me. And after seeing Daigo's E.Ryu I really want to see him match up against Sako's.

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I will echo those that have said Phantasmagoria. It's one of the best things on the site.

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I want to see sako take it, by far my favorite player. But I hope Smug and Sabin do well too. I've been really impressed with Sabin's Dhalsim play lately, same with Momochi's Ken.

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I think it has less to do with an actual bias, and more to do with the fact that both games seem daunting for newcomers to just jump in to. As a result, you've got two types of people. Those that don't play either game and probably never will, and people that play one or the other because it's the one they've invested the most time in. I might be mistaken, but I imagine it is rare for anyone to have hundreds of hours and a ton of interest in both DOTA and League.

It just so happens this site has one DOTA guy, and everyone else just doesn't care about either. And they don't really even cover DOTA...Brad just plays it sometimes. I can't speak to the rest of the games journalism industry, but that's why I think you see more DOTA than LoL on Giant Bomb.

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Nice piece, @patrickklepek. One of my favorite things you've ever written.

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Dark Souls 2, South Park, and Wolfenstein

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I think there are goobers on both sides of this silly debate. You aren't that evolved if you are in favor of diversity to the point of immediately marginalizing the perspectives of two people just because they're white males. You're just an asshole if you feel the need to shout people down because they criticize or take note of a lack of diversity.

If anyone needs me, I'll be here waiting to see the content these new hires produce before I make any judgments about them being good additions to the team or not.

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I picked up Enemy Within and started playing it immediately after finishing the download (forgot how awesome XCOM is). Plan on doing just that with Blood Dragon later tonight. And the same goes for Jazzpunk, Broken Age, and Wolf Among Us when those games drop to a price I like.

Play those games you buy! It's a satisfying feeling.

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It's an iterative process. Evolution takes time.