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Sony and The Witcher 3

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Axiom Verge baby! The world needs more good Metroidvanias.

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Has it been 4 years? Wow. Farewell, and good luck!

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That's a lot of first person shooters to have on a list without Wolfenstein. Thumbs down.

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In addition to the other tips here, go through your active quest log and finish all of the quick and easy ones. I'm playing on hard too, whenever it's obvious that I need to level up a bit I will always start by looking through all active quests and cleaning up all the ones that just require that I return to someone or do some quick task.

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I've been in my share of shady gas stations that use the Sonic ring collecting noise for the cash register. Not exactly music, but it always throws me for a loop when I hear it.

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I can't help but think that this story and the reaction to it would be much different if Gabe Newell was a woman.

that's an odd implication to make. both genders are equally disturbed (as in, emotionally- not 'troubled' as it were) by threats, are they not?

The only implication I was making was that Patrick's story, and the comments contained within it, would be different if the receiver of this threat was a woman. There are no value judgments in my statement.

i suppose that in a vacuum that's valid thing to ponder, but given recent context, i'm not sure i believe when you say your motives are simply to posit, "What if Gabe was Gabrielle?"

i just wonder what you're getting at- because frankly if Gabe was a woman, A LOT OF SHIT would be different.

either way the threats are utterly sophomoric and out of line.

Agreed, I don't think death threats are ever a reasonable approach in any normal, every day situation.

I only wanted to point out that the conversation is decidedly less charged than other recent stories of death threats, and I believe the opinions on both sides are not as fervent. My motives are to get people to think...am I less outraged at this than I am at the threats towards Zoe Quinn? If so, why?

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@bisonhero: That wasn't very nice of you.

Maulbeck's dispute with Valve/Newell was over the business/advertising of his game. Even if Newell were female, the death threat would still have nothing to do with Newell's gender. Your comment seemed pointless and inflammatory.

I think stating that I feel like the tone of the conversation would be different is the exact opposite of inflammatory. I don't say if this difference is good or bad, merely that it (probably) exists. Whether or not that is pointless is up to the reader, but it is almost certainly not inflammatory.

Saying "fuck you" to someone, however, falls under both categories in my opinion.