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Mine haven't updated for weeks either.

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Recently it's been basically impossible to get into matches on Brotherhood because almost no one is playing it anymore it seems, if anyone would like to play with me to finish out the multiplayer achievements it would be awesome. We would need a total of six people. Post in this forum thread or PM me to set up a game.

P.S. The achievements I need are: "Strong Closer", "Download Complete", "Role Model", "Abstergo Employee Of The Month" and "Ahead Of The Curve"

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Hey can any of you that know cameras tell me what this lense is? I found it in my camera bag from my dad and it attaches to a T Mount Adapter for this Minolta, my friend and I think it may be for macro photography but thats a guess and google was no help. Thank you in advance!
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Will I need to start a new world for the clay generation patch to do anything? Or will I be able to stay on my current world and it will appear?

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After beating the game can I use the continue option to get the sith master difficulty cheevo? Or do I have to create a new game and lose my unlocks and powers?

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I was considering downloading this because it's rather cheap right now on XBLA (400 Points) but it's not worth it if there's no one still playing.

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ignore it and deny it...

also try to do something productive that i can do, write something, get on the treadmill, or sleep and listen to podcasts....

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im 17 and terrified of it... I cant lose my hair



cruel, cruel world....

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saw thread named and lol'd... nooo idea how to help

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find 4,5 and 6 before lucas changed them, then see 1, 2 and 3 then watch the tv show if you're really into it

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