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Warriors Of Rock: A Fitting End 0

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock is the latest (and some say last) game in the guitar hero franchise, i quiescently a music/rhythm game where you have to match different coloured noted to the buttons on a guitar, pads if on the drums and pitch when on vocals (to be fair how you can not know this is beyond me as where have you been for the past 6 years)(?_?). Now back on topic... this is the best guitar hero game ever made... fact! (well my opinion really).The are new features include: Song Length B...

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The Dead Have Rose Again(!_!) 0

 Dead Rising returns in this bite size chunk.       Story (May Include Spoilers)The story involves the protagonist of Dead rising 2, Chuck Greene, who begins the game in the small desert town of Still Creek, population 753, not far from the glitz, vice, and recent zombie outbreak of Fortune City(a city that is modelled after Las Vagas). He is caring for his daughter, Katey Greene who is infected with the zombie virus (due to her infected mother biting her on her left wrist). He has a truck full ...

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Naughty Bear: The Verdict/Defluffyficasion 0

IntroductionFor those of you who do not know what naughty bear is, its a Action/Hack 'n' Slash game that sees you of taking the role of the titular protagonist "Naughty Bear" and your purpose in life is to make the other teddy bears of Perfection Island a living hell and you hate them so much you just have to make then turn insane by constantly scaring them or by killing them with different weapons (each come in 2 main types melee and range but more on them later) and then environment (cake mix...

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